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Publication RMA-EN-P – May Preface. Designing Manual, publication PM for information and sample code to handle faults. Use the. Logix Controllers Function Block DiagramCatalog Numbers ControlLogix, 3Publication PMC-EN-P – October .. pm_-es-p. Publication PMI-EN-P – January Preface. Purpose of this Manual. This manual guides the development of projects for Logix controllers.

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Include the communication modules you need for connectivity to other networks.

In addition, several open interfaces are provided for third-party HMI, data collection and analysis packages, and custom client-application software. Communicate with Other Communication Devices The ControlLogix controller can communicate with these communication devices.

Stop the process whenever a selected rung goes true, effectively freezing the process at the instant that any error occurs. RSLinx Enterprise software works as a data server.

Unscheduled messaging lets you send and receive data when needed. You can place any module into any slot. This communication module Supports this number of connections CN2, CN2R any combination of scheduled and unscheduled Resolution Ranges RTB — Select the ControlLogix extreme environment redundancy module for applications that must run in extreme environments.


For new applications with Logix controllers, networks in the NetLinx open architecture are the recommended networks.


Each H1 network can support a maximum of 16 publisher and 16 subscriber VCR connections. The multitasking operating system supports 32 configurable tasks that can be prioritized.

The DeviceNet network uses the proven Common Industrial Protocol CIP to provide the control, configure, and data collection capabilities for industrial devices. The standard housing on the front of the wiring arm is not deep enough for 2. Use the following table to tally local connections. You can place any module into any slot. The Logix platform supports motion control components that work in a wide variety of machine architectures. They are also available in bundled systems.

ControlLogix Redundancy Product Profile. Students learn through realistic simulations, detailed graphics and animations, hands-on interactive exercises, and review questions.

1756-SG001K-EN-P, ControlLogix Selection Guide – Mid

Determine Battery Requirements Each controller ships with a battery. The type of module determines which RTB you need. Mode of Operation CFM Configurable Flow Meter Module The CFM module provides Totalizer mode for metering applications, or high-speed frequency measurements for speed or rate control applications, on two channels connected to flowmeters.

Lay Out a Redundant System The ControlLogix environment offers different levels of redundancy that you can design into your system. These catalog numbers end in an H, such as IE8H. The other end has individually color-coded conductors that connect to a standard terminal block. Dimensions HxWxDApprox. Use Logix controllers on DH networks only when you want to add controllers to an existing DH network.


Programs are cross-loaded automatically from the primary to the secondary controller, and the primary automatically updates the secondary with data changes to maintain controller synchronization. The serial port supports the DF1 protocol to communicate with other devices on the serial link.

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Add all of the backplane power watts for all of the modules in the chassis. You can design redundant: You can also use the ControlLogix system as a gateway. Each remote access dial-in kit includes a: Trademarks not belonging to Rockwell Automation are property of their respective companies. This includes device connection modules, adapter modules, and ports on PanelView terminals.

The system is modular, so you can design, build, and modify it efficiently – with significant savings in training and engineering.