Billable Accounts. Select Customer from the Left Navigation and Add a New Customer. This is your billing entity. You can configure the account as pre-‐paid or. The Asterisk A2Billing Calling-Card-Platform A guide to the basics of using A2Billing the asterisk Handbook (). Maual. Contribute to eluizbr/Manual development by creating an account on GitHub.

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Voip phone or land number. It can be quickly ascertained whether the traffic is increasing or decreasing month on month.

This screen lists all the callbacks to a number of different asterisk servers. The system allows a prefix to be added or removed from every call using this trunk.

Documentation (Admin)

Add recurring Service The various options to apply a charge to a card are well documented within the screen. List Voucher Vouchers are a mechanism whereby customers can top up their cards by purchasing a voucher from a retail outlet.

Add Offer Package Add a new package. Database Restore This screen lists all the backups that have been made, and the system can restore the selected backup by clicking restore. Add a new user name and password for restricted access and select the areas that the sub admin is allowed to access. Note that this does not take payment. Cards can be refilled from the refill icon at the top of the page in List Customers.

Documentation (Admin) | A2Billing

A2Billing has a payment gateway integrated with PayPal. Create customer allows the administrator to create a single customer.


It is assumed that you have configured trunks in Asterisk; you know the carrier cost of your calls, and the price that you intend to charge your end customer. Attached to the card number is an Alias. Having created a customer, they can be set up as SIP Friends. This will apply credit to a card; however, a payment is expected to balance off the refill.

Traditionally, we do not expect to be charged if the call does not connect. There is a link on the screen to export vouchers to a CSV file, which could be sent to a commercial printer to create scratch-off top-up vouchers. Generate Voucher Generate vouchers is to bulk create a number of vouchers, which may be printed and sold to customers. This screen also allows the possibility of applying a Package Offer for a certain number of minutes to a destination.

user manual

To install A2Billing, refer to the wiki at Installation but in brief you will need to do the following: Set the monthly charge in the fixrate field. Additionally, access can be granted to predefined areas of the system. Additionally, A2Billing can be configured to present an IVR menu, through which the customer can top up their card.

The fields are all fairly self explanatory, with text below most fields to explain and clarify the purpose of the field.

These can be filtered to show one of Four levels: When that number is called, it is pre-programmed to call back the customer on a pre-defined number. The file manager system is to allow uploading of sound files, either in terms of prompts or music on hold. Having created the rate card, and put some rates against it, the rates are then listed in this screen.


Details Package Shows the number of calls and the cost of those calls which have been made under each package. LCR will select a rate based on the cheapest carrier cost, whereas LCD will select the cost on the basis of the cheapest charge to the customer. Calls Compare allows you to look at traffic patterns from day to day.

A Tariff group is a collection of rate-cards that will be applied to a service. The rate card section is used for defining rates and tariffs. The card number and the password are used to authenticate a SIP or IAX client, while the Card Alias or customer email address and password are used to access the customer web interface.

Normally, when doing company accounts, figure from the calling card platform is entered as one figure in the nominal ledger, while the calling card platform is seen as the cash book. A2Billing is equipped with manuxl PayPal payment gateway.

Daily Load” Shows an hour by hour analysis of calls made during the day.

All the basic settings of A2Billing are contained within this file.