Mohan Publications All Books In Internet Archive: @ mohanpublications Mohan Publications Book List: . Acharya hrudayam has 3 ratings and 0 reviews. This book contains the simple Tamil commentary written by Prapanna Vidwan othama Naidu for. Acharya Hrudayam – Moolam and Vyakhyanam Book in Tamil published by PBA Swami

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Kurumbarutha Nambi- the great devotee at Thirumala Pushpa Mandapam was worshipped and reverred by a great king and Kshatriya -Thondaiman Chakravarthy. He is the really rich person. Some logs may go to the wrong owner. How badly would they destroy the sanctity of its divine revelations?

This Kainkarya is also due to the Lord’s grace. On the other hand a pot made of metal say gold can be easily handed.

Being both achary stronger and the older of the two the cat safely carries the kitten to its destination. This Karma is also a form of Kainkarya to the Lord. As Thondaradipodi Aazhwar states this life is full of “Pini pasi moopu thumbam” i.

Antaryami is like an enormously deep ocean filled with whirlpools and twists. How are they identified? In Thirunedunthaandakam-4 ;Thirumangai Aazhwar says,”Senthirathha thamizhosai vadasollaagi” indicating that the Dravida veda was preached in Sanskrit format.

The relishers of the divine essence of the Thirumantra do not resort to any of these practises for realisation. In other words the Lord is 1. Depending on the instructor or practitioner ,the Vedas were referred by names like Atharvana, Thaithreeyam,Kaanvam ,etc; Similarly the Lord taught the Thiruvoymozhi to Swami Nammazhwar who revealed it to Swami Madhurakavi Aazhwar who in turn taught it to the world.


Performers of Kainkarya realise from the Thirumantra that their glory lies in serving Him. Brahma in turn taught it to his foremost son Paramasiva and others.

The Karmadi upasanas and their angas are regarded by the soul as yet another Kainkarya to the Lord because the Bhoga is always the Lord’s.

Another bitter thing is aversion towards Sanskrit as the Vedas are in that language and have several restrictions as to who should read and who should not. By following the Thirumantra and learning the Dravida Veda which is also easier than in the case of the Vedas one becomes even greater than a Vaidika because he has relished only the milk unlike the sastri who swallows the milk mixed with water and tries to perceive the true taste of milk.

Sowrirajan is currently reading it Jan 13, He is the Paramapurusha. The reasons for all suffering are: He is our destination and He is also our way. There is no necessity to go to any other Deva for this way of attaining salvation.

Here Dravida Veda was used to explain the Sanskrit Veda. Thus we become complete sastris or vaidikas. Similarly following the Sadhyopaya for Mukthi puts the entire effort and responsibility on the individual. When such criteria apply for even reading the scriptures how much more qualification would be required to understand their inner meaning?


The only qualification is “avaa” or the burning intention to learn it. By studying the Vedas we attain knowledge.

Acharya Hrudayam

They felt that the trees, dust and grass had His Thiruvadi Scharya unlike them. Similarly it is not possible for us to enjoy the Kalyana Gunas of the Lord in Vyuha. That is why this grantha is Acharya Hrudayam or the heart-felt teachings of a preceptor. Initially it is pure.


Psr marked it as to-read Mar 04, This is also foolish because the Ithihasa-Puranas that are easy to understand are in Sanskrit for the sake of everybody. Hence we call Brahma as the “Kartha” for the Sanskrit Vedas. Some may get stuck. Their Sadhana to attain the htudayam purushartha is Karma.

However souls must attain manopakkva to attain the state of a prapanna. The Vedas emanated from SrimanNarayana. It also sustains the swaroopa of the soul as milk sustains the body by being nutritious. Thanks for telling us about the problem. They are free from shortcomings or mistakes.