The oldest commercial developer still in production, Rodinal (formerly Agfa Rodinal, now sold as Adox Rodinal, Adonal, R09 One Shot) is famous for its contrast. It does not get more Rodinal than works together with former Agfa scientists on all Agfa-replacement you have used Agfa Rodinal* before. Rodinal is a classic developer–some would say the classic developer–that features fine grain and high acutance, perfect for use with Arista, Ilford and Foma .

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Compensating developer At the high dilution of 1: Flattery indeed… other manufacturers should follow suit. Formulated in Germany by Dr. Rated 5 out of 5 by black dynamite from one of the best all-around developers This is my personal favorite.

Orwo retained the previous formulation.

Rodinal was patented January 27, by Dr. Consequently the metallic silver in film, once developed, is left in its natural state, and does not undergo any “softening” by means of a solvent.

One of Rodinal’s undoubted attributes is its incredible shelf life, with half-opened bottles reported to last over 40 years. See any errors on this page? You must log ordinal or sign up to reply here.


Rodinal – – The free camera encyclopedia

In Germany In Canada. This older formulation in various names at the time can also be called Rodinal in many regions has appeared along side the Agfa version for decades in many regions.

Pardon, I’m talking about LF and Rodinal diluted to or even Grain is overrated – it is part of 35mm photography and does not make or break a good image. Two films or rodinzl will get ml Which doesn’t mean you can not do this in 35mm but then you have clearly agfq grain.

I have tried other development methods but it’s hard to find anything that improves on this for cost, efficiency and quality.

Views Read View source View history. This page was last edited on 7 Septemberat Avfa main component is Para-aminophenol, Rodinal’s main component is phenidone 1-phenyl-3 pyrozolidone.

Never imported to US. Extreme dilutions can be used for special purposes: Retrieved from ” http: Grain is also a factor that will be influenced by the dilution. It also has an extremely long shelf-fife and loses none of its potency even when turning from its original pale straw colour when new to the colour of strong tea after a year or more.

After the patent expired, Rodinal has been supplied under different names by other companies. I don’t know when these developers will be available in North America.


Adox Adonal Developer is a highly concentrated fine-grain, one-shot black and white film developer.

Retrieved 17 March Which is a big plus in an apartment! I am yet to do any big prints, but from my scans I like what I see as mentioned they are grainy Im not a hater of grain.

Pros and Cons of Agfa Rodinal ?

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You can control the grain by keeping the developing temperature not above 20C and with a minimum of agitation. Rodinal is undoubtedly a classic in every sense of sgfa word and the many photographers who continue to use it, or indeed who have only recently discovered it, never look back… their results probably speak for themselves.

In Canada, it was available as Blazinal. Here an example of Fomapan in 35mm and R Discussion in ‘ Minox ‘ started by mtc photographyJul 7,