The Spiritmaster class is not the most natural path of progression from href=”http ://” target=”_blank”>the. How does one become a Spiritmaster? In Aion there are what is known as base classes. There are a total of 4 base classes and every player. Blade of earth – removed . no comment best group skill of the sm. and those CD changes ok this will be totally dumb thats for sure. another.

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You also get 4 energy orbs corresponding to the 4 appropriate elements that are temporary. The post was edited 1 time, last by Wowie Jan 18th6: Although Spiritmasters are already powerful on their own, the right set of gear can mean a whole world of difference when trying to kill your opponent or to survive a barrage of continuous attacks.

He doesnt spiritmasrer some of the nicer perks that the other pets do, but that is spiritmasger this pet has no real weakness. The layout looks neat, easy to spot differences. If your DoT lands, one tick may be resisted out of 5.

Facebook 0 Twitter 0 Google Plus 0 Reddit 0. Aion Spiritmaster Guide Author: Evita – Hexe – Reanimatrix A little guide to crafting spiirtmaster. Lol, that is a fb link that redirects to youtube.

It has high ASPD which can be increased even morea high chance to physically crit, can stun, and offers the ability to increase the drop rate of loot on mobs.

Aion Online Spiritmaster Guide

These, unlike your 4 elemental pets, have a timer. Contact us at Click here to display e-mail address.


If anything these pets are not bland. The Spell Book offers you range, although the stat bonuses are lower than orbs and their damage rate is much lower. So, what are these Orb Pets? The Tempest pet is currently a hybrid pet. This class is arguably one of the quickest levelers in the game and is sought after by both PvE and PvP groups. With the right set of macros spiritamster support your gameplay, you’ll feel a notable difference especially during intense PvPvE situations where every millisecond counts and pressing the wrong hotkey sequence is not an option.

Aion – Spiritmaster Class Guide (Beta)

Upon completing this quest you achieve level 10 and can become the branch class of your choosing. Tell me more about the Water Spirit!

Your earth pet is like your personal templar. Highlights of the Aion Spiritmaster Guide: The Sorcerer is more of a direct damage dealer, as well as the primary ranged CC class.

You’ll now know which pieces of equipment are actually beneficial and which are just plain junk that should better off be sold for Kinah.

Spiritmaster Class Guide created by Zumbaro

Your wind pet is like an assassin. This is the pet you want to keep by your side, or at the very least, stick on a target to interrupt such as a ranged mob or a sorcerer until your party can focus on the target. Here is a broad scope of the 5 pets and Energy Orbs: This added with the damage increase from certain pets makes for a pleasing damage output. Some of its abilities are: Claim the name as a fearsome manipulator of the elements once you’re equipped with all the expertly laid-out strategies, tactics and tricks that can be found in this Aion Spiritmaster Guide.


They only are up for 5 minutes.

SM 6.0 Skill changes

Healing yourself is even easier than before. How many pets can I have up at once? For a full list of skills visit The Aion Armory. Where can I read more on the Spiritmaster class? NCSoft has already said they will continue to look at this issue, but until then it giide a disadvantage that Spiritmasters have. If you use a front load damageing skill like Fire Bolt, if you miss, you miss. But what does spiritmastrr mean?

spirutmaster Therefore Sorcerer’s gain the same abilities from the Mage class as a Spiritmaster does. It may not be the best in a specific circumstance, but in all scenarios it is a good addition.

There are a total of 4 base classes and every player starts as one. Killer Guides is not affiliated with any game producer or publisher. They have many forms of DoTs, both single target and AE, and some of these don’t cancel each other out.

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The offered products are not official guides. The most noticable difference is the fact that Spiritmasters are a pet class, Sorcerers are not.

The player, through advancing in levels, can aquire new pets and stronger versions of previously aquired pets. It takes on the qualities of the Water and Wind Spirits.