, Spanish, Book, Illustrated edition: Alejandro Sawa: luces de bohemia / Amelina Correa Sawa, Alejandro, — Criticism and interpretation. Lumières de bohème (en espagnol: Luces de bohemia) est une pièce de théâtre écrite par . Elle est française, de même que l’épouse d’Alejandro Sawa. Alejandro Sawa Martínez (15 March – 3 March ) was a Spanish bohemian novelist, ISBN Pg Amelina Correa Ramón, ” Alejandro Sawa, luces de bohemia”, Seville, Fundación José Manuel Lara,

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His father was an importer of wine and sundries. Max va voir le ministre. Don Latino has gone from the burial to a tavern.

Alejandro Sawa

The latter would compose an epicede in his honor. The play is set in Madrid, sometime between and The dawn finds Max and Don Latino seated in a doorway. After a while, the barman returns, bloodied. And so, Max lies there, abandoned, until a laundrywoman and concierge happen upon him.

Max Estrella literally, Max Star bears a close resemblance to the Spanish bohemian writer lces journalist Alejandro Sawa This page was last edited on 10 Novemberat On the same winter day that Pi y Margall anointed me with his reverend right hand, ordaining alfjandro into the intellectual hierarchy, I had to sleep in a stairwell on account of having found no place cozier than sawwa in which to take shelter.

Join the blind poet Max Estrella on the last night of his life, as he wanders through a city mired in corruption and political unrest.


C’est un verre de vin qui valait quinze centimes [ 7 ]. Riots have broken out on the streets. His own writings, lues were largely journalistic, continued to appear in the most prestigious Spanish newspapers even as his body and mind progressively deteriorated. After a fruitless visit to Zarathustra, he and Don Latino end up in a local tavern.

Sawa also had a French wife and a daughter.

His body lies in a poorly-made coffin, while his wife Madame Collet and his daughter Claudinita mourn him. Sur les autres projets Lucse Une dispute avec les modernistes a lieu. Much of the play is set in penumbra.

However, the definitive version of the text came out in He translated the works of the Goncourt brothers and enjoyed what he would later regard as his “golden years”. After this inebriate has been led off the premises, shady Basilio Soulinake arrives. For a time he worked on the staff of the Garnier publishing house, editing an encyclopedic dictionary, and had ample opportunity to strike up friendships with many of the luminaries of Parnassian and Symbolist literature, though he himself preferred the Romanticism of Victor Hugo.

Throughout the play characters talk about Spanish politics and bohe,ia. Here they meet Enriqueta, a local zlejandro. Shortly before his death, the great bohemian had declared:. La concierge trouve Max Estrella devant le portail.

Set in Madrid aroundmany critics see it as a hypercritical piece, attacking the hypocrisy and inhumanity of Spanish politics and society following the First World War. They initially think he is drunk, but soon realise that he has, tragically, expired.

Entry written by Gwynneth Dowling. He gives his coat to a young barman to take to the pawnbrokers. They were, no doubt, Collet and Claudinita. Don Latino also turns up, but not before having drowned his grief in wine. He can now buy the lottery ticket from Enriqueta. His last years were marked by his descent into blindness and mental illness.


Antonio Maura is mentioned in derogatory terms in the play. Later, after an encounter with two prostitutes, he and Don Latino find themselves in yet another part of the city that has been vandalised during the rioting. Don Latino l’abandonne, mais lui vole son portefeuille avant de partir. One of the Modernists recites a rousing poem, and in so doing attracts the attention of the local police.

“Alejandro Sawa: Luces de bohemia (review)” by Travis Landry

Blind — and blind drunk — Max insults the police captain and is subsequently carted off to the cells. Max owes her money for a lottery ticket, but the blind poet has spent his last pennies on drink. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Dying and going to wherever villainy isn’t the prevailing custom, where affirmations and negations at aalejandro carry the philosophical sense that lexicons assign to them, where honor starts at the soul instead of the lips. Max discute avec un anarchiste catalan sur la mauvaise situation de l’ouvrier, du capitalisme.