Amarakosam (Telugu) Hardcover – by Amara The Amarakosha Is A Thesaurus Of Sanskrit Written By The Ancient Indian Scholar Amarasimha. of Amarakosha” National Book Stall, Kottayam. 8. TELUGU TO SANSKRIT MACHINE TRANSLATION SYSTEM-AN HYBRID APPROACH. Liṅgayyasūrin explains the derivations and meanings of amara-words. He also gives the Telugu equivalent words in his commentary. His commentary was well .

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As in the case of other ancient and mediaeval technical works in India, the kosa-s were composed in verse so that they could be committed to memory with comparative ease. Amarakozha adds s Kj. Amara has set forth in the beginning of his work certain devices for indicating the genders of words, etc. Call us on or. But if the formation of the word is based on the verb dadhati, it can only be inn. The fly-leaf contains 7 stanzas of salutation to various gods. Khadira is candracettu to Surin and candracettu to Malli.

His explanations are in prose in between the verses, e. D 2 Adyar Library. Contains the first Kanda breaking amarakosba in the Digvarga. I qcRFgrr q- ‘: The literary acumen of Malli.


But the supplementary words in all other places are informative, useful and interesting. I 1 Bi, Ks, Y omit. Contains the second and third Kanda-s. Amara has been considered a Buddhist and that may be the reason for the translation of the Ak.


Some commentators explain the rohitaka-vrksa as a variety of the thorny Palasa tree. Readings for the word samdkhyd fame are given in the work of Halayudha, in the Vaijayanti in Rabhasakosa as samdkhyd, samajnd and samdjnd respectively.

Illustrating the use of the word sasya vegetablehe quotes the line: Password Forgot your password? Send an email to order indianbooks. Some have interpreted the word hdhd to be an imitation of the musical sounds ever present on the lips of Gandharva-s semi-divine musicians and declare that the word is not capable of derivation.

When giving an illustration for the word vdsuh a young amarakosh connected with the theatre he says, Worship Lord Siva and the moon by going to the temple of Lord Visnu: Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Kunjunni Raja, Advisers to the Adyar Library and Research Centre, rendered help in the preparation of this work in various ways which we gratefully acknowledge.


Full text of “Amarakosha”

In explaining pdripdrsvaka-s attendants on the sun. P- It is strange that such a word as tdmbulum, universal in all religious and social functions, should have been overlooked by liv AMARAKOSA Amara, though he mentions tdrahull and tdmbulavalli betel vine in the Vanausadhivarga p. Kg, Wa add qtqoT.

He might have been thus affectionately amaraakosha by his friends or more amarakodha it is a scribal error. Our domestic services cover every corner of urban and rural India.

Simple but effective are his explanations in general; e. This is helpful as sumanas also means a god p. Good wri tin g. The word sitputa as a synonym of bhramara quoted from the Taittiriya Samhitd- bhdsya is ignored by other commentators: It is only from verse 20 onwards in this section, and that too only when absolutely necessary that he gives Telugu meanings. While it is there, we know that we can contact you by email regarding that topic.