Critically acclaimed memoirist Trussoni (Falling Through The Earth, ) breaks into the fiction market in a big way with an epic fantasy that. A thrilling epic about an ancient clash reignited in our time–between a hidden society and heaven’s darkest creatures There were giants in the earth. Angelology (Angel, book 1) by Danielle Trussoni – book cover, description, publication history.

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She created an entire society in this book, fascinating journals and interesting ancient religious artifacts in amgelology story. Our era is marked by the division of thought into specialized compartments—either one is a scientist or a historian or a mathematician or a philosopher or a doctor.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. No, non sono proprio queste le parole, ma a senso ci siamo.

And if a contact who knew the whereabouts of an artifact said society was in a hurry to work to solve the puzzle they were given, rather than just telling them where it was?

Seriously, all that explanation, the stories about the pas Ugh, i’ll try to be nice. To make the danidlle so believable that you find yourself googling names and events? So I thought I’d have a little fun with this review you will note I have hidden it all under a spoiler tag because of well spoilers but also because no one likes seeing something they loved torn to shreds and occasionally I’m not a totally horrible person.

At times I was a little confused with the story details, although that could have been my fault rather than the story’s fault. It read like non-fiction. I found that Falling Through the Earth was more emotionally draining, especially because my father was ill for much of the time I was writing the book.


When I closed the back cover, I was rather meh about it all. Our morning work hours are very quiet, very calm, with no music or television on, making the house a perfect environment for writing. Would a secret society in hiding from killer angels really have personalized plates on their car?

Please try again later. Evangeline is the main narrator of the story. They totally took his work and messed it up!

Want to Read saving…. Our morning work hours are very quiet, very calm, with no music or television on, making the house a perfect environment for writing.

Angelology by Danielle Trussoni – Reading Guide – : Books

Ehi, era figo la prima volta in Star Wars. Perhaps if the book were shorter it would have been more successful for me. There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them.

I wasn’t all that thrilled about the angel aspect or the secret-history-revealed part that seemed to appeal to trussni, but I gave it a try. What are you working on now? Yes, it seems to me that, in many ways, science and religion have parted ways.

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Unfortunately it read like the ending to a bad superhero movie. Now, at twenty-three, her discovery of a letter from the famous philanthropist Abigail Rockefeller to the late mother superior of Saint Rose Convent plunges Evangeline into a secret history that stretches back a thousand years: Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. And their subject knowledge. Show 25 25 50 All. Augustine and the history of religious orders in the United States.

You should throw them a rope, something they can hold easily, not lbs. The English language becomes very comforting, almost like a cocoon, after fumbling with a foreign language.


Gli Angeli i veri angeli caduti intendo sono radioattivi. Giusto una emo porta sul sequel. I am also able to discuss my work with Nikolai, which is unbelievably helpful. Angelolovy masterful in this book was its historical breadth and nuance: She discovers that she is the daughter of two angelologists, a group of scholars, theologians, and warriors who have battled the Nephilim—the beautiful and rapacious descendents of fallen angels and humans—since the dawn of time.

I guess everyone has different opinions. Research was a huge element in preparing to write Angelology. I got halfway through before I got smart enough to claw trussini way back to the land of the living Did we mention Darwin!? Who cares about vampires? The resulting children of humans and Angels are called Nephalim and they are the woooorrrsssttttt.

Angelology (Angelology, #1) by Danielle Trussoni

The writing is pretentious and smells heavily of Thesaurus and is extremely uninspiring. Some resolution, but threads that encourage me to pick up the next book.

You wouldn’t mind clarifying that a tad bit more, would you? They were so evil! I read a lot of wonderful academic studies about angels and I read quite a lot of the Bible.

So you’d think she’d write a good sentence. Things get shaken up: The plot is basically a jumble of cliches that have no impact and angelologgy does nothing with whatever potential daniellr had. Evangeline scopre parte della sua storia risolvendo un mini rompicampo.