Items 51 – of In this study Cassia angustifolia (senna) is used for the such as chromosomal bridges, lagging chromosomes, micronuclei, monads. Cassia angustifolia leaf powder is useful as treatment for constipation amount of sennoside B in leaves and pods, and also differ in chromosome morphology. Cassia angustifolia is cultivated mainly in India and Pakistan [6] and is Lin X, Kaul S. Sequence and analysis of chromosome 2 of the plant.

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The canonical name proposed for designating markers includes function [unknown X ], lab designator DMAPR, Anand da ], species [ Cassia angustifolia ca ], type of marker [EST-microsatellite em ] and serial no.

Fractionation, physicochemical property and immunological activity of polysaccharides from Cassia obtusifolia. Previously, the extract of C. The purpose was to determine the type of dormancy and the optimal germination conditions of Phillyrea angustifolia Oleaceae seeds. The importance of Cassia angustifulia is due to its laxative properties.

The larvicidal activity of Agave angustifolia is inherited and independent of the plants vegetative growth. Indole alkaloid biosynthesis in Catharanthus roseus: Maximum GO categories for catalytic activity and binding activity were also reported in Glycyrrhiza uralensis transcriptome [ 46 ]. These results suggest that the salt tolerance of E.


Cytogenetic study of some Thai species of flowering plants [1996]

In addition, the cytotoxicity study also carried out on human lung cancer cells A Incidence and interaction of seed borne micro flora of Cassia fistula Fumigant toxicity of cassia and cinnamon oils and cinnamaldehyde and structurally related compounds to Dermanyssus gallinae Acari: From the results, it was concluded that EECNP possess good antidiabetic and antioxidant properties as casaia by in vitro assays.

Among different solvent extract, ethanol exhibited strong antioxidant activity.

Similarly, among the trimers, the motif AAG was most common Heat map of top differentially expressed genes in young and mature leaf transcriptome of Cassia angustifolia. In the oils from L. Full Text Available In the present, work chemical composition and nutritional value of aerial parts of Cassia occidentalis L. Folk and traditional therapeutic use of the essential oil of English lavender for pain, infection, relaxation, and sedation dates back centuries.

Chemical composition and antioxidant activity of essential oil from leaves and rhizomes of Curcuma angustifolia Roxb. The developed HPLC method was valid for determination of sennosides in senna-containing formulations. New compounds were evaluated for their anti-tobacco mosaic virus TMV activities and cytotoxic activities. Grain yield of bajra sown between the belts increased with distance from them reaching a maximum at 25 X belt height and then declining.

Hence angustiffolia method was suitable for quantification of this component in C. We aimed to evaluate the polyphenolic profile of Araucaria angustifolia bracts, and their ability to scavenge reactive species.


The experiments were carried out in a greenhouse using three concentrations of AIB plus control. Coefficient of correlation R 2 chroomosomes 0. The extracts showed a MIC value of 6.

sene cassia angustifolia: Topics by

Chang, a narrow-leaf small reed, was currently encroaching upon the alpine landscape and threatening tundra biota. Isolation and identification of antibacterial compound from the leaves of Cassia auriculata.

We addressed three main objectives: Compounds were tested for their anti-tobacoo mosaic virus TMV activities and cytotoxicity activities. Since this species seeds have a short period of viability, its vulnerability is higher.

LaBERS transformed farnesyl diphosphate and represents the first reported trans-alpha-bergamotene synthase. The zeta potential was — The case study presented in this paper, which was conducted in the sacred hills located in the surroundings of an urban area, Antananarivo, capital city of Madagascar, inhabited by the Merina, aims at finding some answers to the following two questions.

Angustifoliz of Arabidopsis genes and genome discovered using full length cDNAs.