The Andalite Chronicles, published in November , is the first Chronicles companion book to the Animorphs series, written by K.A. Applegate. Narrated by . The Andalite Chronicles (Elfangor’s Journey, Alloran’s Choice, An Alien Dies) – Animorphs [Katherine Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on. Alloran’s Choice (Animorphs, The Andalite Chronicles #2) [K.A. Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Elfangor’s journey began with.

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This is either good news, or incredibly tragic as andqlite. It’s also totally possible that what J said was right? Animorphs books novels. Even though I haven’t read the book.

Aximili, his brother would also then exist and would meet with five other lights. Also, Ifi, add chronciles to your fanfic. Upon arrival, Elfangor, Arbron, and Alloron morph Taxxon to scout out the planet and locate the Time Matrix, leaving Loren and Chapman aboard the cloaked ship. Elfangor is mostly written as a cross between Ax and Tobias. He tye a ruthless murderer, he doesn’t give much damn about the methods he’ll use to win so long as he does.

Apparently he’s looking at cigarette ads. He was a sci-fi enthusiast and I was sort of carried. And thanks for pointing that out. I read it out of order, because my ebook was junked, so I came to it about ten books late. What a depressing book. Contents [ show ].

Elfangor and Loren are together for – say – three years before Tobias is conceived. We later learn from the Ellimist that Chapman is also important to the future.

We’ve sent a message so you can pick a new password. The beginning of the story shows him as a young Andalite aristh who wants to be a hero. He marries Loren some time later, but just before she gives birth to Tobiasthe Ellimist repairs Elfangor’s “timeline.


Saturday, November 19, The Andalite Chronicles. And as my massive plot section shows, there was tons going on in this book. She is strong-willed, she can pitch damn she can pitch! The main character also happens to be the Andalite Elfangor, the alien who gave the Animorphs their powers back in the very first chapter of the very first book.

Cannoli March 17, at I don’t remember Elgangor revealing at the end that he’s Tobias’ father. The plot was intriguing and there was heaps of character development and some humour as well. Anonymous April 23, at 4: Nothing anyone says or does will ever convince anndalite otherwise. All the high ratings! Please enter your or your parent’s email address.

The Andalite Chronicles | Seerowpedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

They were forced to use the Time Matrix to escape, which takes them to a fragmented universe created from the memories of Elfangor, Loren, and the Yeerk now Visser Thirty-Two. He even begins to understand why they might choose to become willing Controllers if it would result in more feeding of that hunger. During their disagreement, Chapman attacks a distracted Alloran and knocks him out.

But this is a bit hard to believe since the Yeerk involved had never been to his own planet. Then, his battle with Visser Three resumed. When Alloran woke up, he was no longer Alloran.

I mean, I could pretty much leave it at that. We will only use your email address to reset your password should you forget it. Adam September 27, at 4: Elfangor as a kid is a serious guy, with the great pride of the Andalite, and minds grandly about andaliite, or Andalite honor.

Andalite Chronicles Book 2 Allorans Choice.jpg

It was outside the ship. Narrated by Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtulthe book tells the story of how the young Andalite aristh rose to the rank of princewith the events of the tale taking place after the main story of The Hork-Bajir Chronicles and leading up to his final moments in The Invasion.


Elfangor refuses, saying it is dishonorable to kill helpless Yeerks. Elfangor creates a human morph for himself by combining DNA and traps himself in that morph, taking on the name Al Fangor. Elfangor marvels over the thought that some might even be able to have three or four in the future but doesn’t think it will come to that. Then, the Visser found him, and killed him.

Their plans fall apart, however, when they are separated by the chaos of a Taxxon feeding frenzy the Taxxon morphs has very strong instincts of constant, almost debilitating, hunger. Also a product of my desire to have an epic inter-species love story view spoiler [for the sake of Tobias hide spoiler ].

I’m fascinated by the look at the Taxxon homeworld.

Animorphs: The Andalite Chronicles

That, and all around the Ani-fandom, this book is pretty much considered to be one of, if not the, best Animorphs book. The Earth is fake. Refresh and try again. Hirac Delest works as ‘a reset child. But Alloran is too far along that spectrum: I remember this as one of my favorite Animorphs books as a kid, and I think part of that has to do with this aspect of it.

Man, Elfangor is ripped.