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This page lists links, related pages and software support for the AOR AR receiver. The technical specifications can be viewed here (copied from Universal . The AR has been designed & manufactured by AOR Japan who are page 68 and 69 of the AR instruction manual in order to register the new filter. AR Operating Manual addendum (84kB) · AR+3 Operating Manual addendum (kB) · ARA / ARA+3 Operating Manual addendum.

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This problem has been reported as possible on an early AR but it has only been observed on one set A version V3. DS voice inverter – available sub-carriers The optional DS analogue speech inverter works well with the AR receiver, please refer to the operating manual for fitting instructions.

Cyber Scan In Scan Mode which is capable of scanning about 25 memory channels per secondtypically the speed accept the entry and the AR will revert to SCAN, increases to about 45 channels per second. Switch the to make selection between 1 and minutes, the default receiver off and unplug the power cord.

The back light will extinguish then all LCD characters will be displayed, the set will then power up and resume normal operation if it has not automatically switched on again press the “Power” button.

AOR AR5000 Operating Manual

At default when shipped from the factory, the AR To start searching program search bank 05 or whatever will remain on an active frequency until the received signal bank was last selected simply press providing disappears and the squelch closes. Page 74 Short wave desktop loop aerials have the advantage of called the ABF The AR provides a powerful feature to enable Select receive mode: A value of 1 instructs the AR to react to very weak Either use the to change the value.

A separate serial connecting lead will also be operation away from a base aerial such required to connect to your computer. To complete the data entry press [ENT] for more than one second. The AR will monitor whatever memory channel first appears when you enter memory recall mode. This is suitable in most cases, but is slightly limited by two 0. The following is comment on the subject posted to the internet in Output N plug is to Antenna input 1 of AR Wiring order for each type is as follows: As a third cannot be expressed in a decimal fashion, a small compound frequency error will occur every third increment.


All three earth connections should be connected together using tinned copper wire and then soldered to the original Collins earth connection using thick tinned copper wire to achieve a good physical stability on the board. Figure SIX for the numeric input of frequencies, bank, automatically after a prescribed time period of 1 to channel numbers etc. The stored data may be quickly and easily recalled, changed or deleted using the memory recall and delete facilities. DC power cord cigarette lighter plug.

There is much confusion over the issue of 8. Link all three search banks to form a single group To add these substitute filters, the standard ceramic filters must be replaced, this requires good quality tools and technical skill.

However, only FOUR sub carrier inversion points are supported, then they are repeated over-and-over S meter readings may alter in sympathy with the oscillation. The IF unit is the rearmost board fitted with various filters. To send more than one, MSComm1.

It is taken from the unused output of the secondary winding of I. Various levels can be obtained depending at which point the signal is taken from. The process will halt when a busy frequency is located, at default the delay is two seconds after the The DELAY parameter affects the time the AR will transmission clears then resume searching again when remain on an active frequency in VFO search once the the frequency is clear.

The meter response throughout the VHF region is reasonably flat and will give readings of similar level. These points can be brought out to the rear panel by connection of miniature R. Reducing the time to 4 seconds produced 96 steps 3 s 81 steps 2 s 76 steps 1 s 40 steps 0.

Should the AR stop on an active ar while scanning and for some reason you do not wish to monitor Deleting memory pass channels Unfortunately there is no 1kHz bandwidth available mannual the display. Trouble Shooting – Microprocessor Reset The reset switch is located at reset the top of the slot about 10mm behind the front panel. Checked throughout the sets frequency range, they are correct to within 2 to 3dB up to 1GHz but will fall slightly towards BPF edges by as much as 10dB in places.


The shaft is supported through the front panel by a bronze type bearing mounted in a pressed steel case.


The AR provides both when rotated fully anti-clockwise the volume is reduced high and low level audio output for feeding tape recorders to minimum. A revision to operation firmware appeared after about one year, the serial numbers changed to 07xxxx six digit numbers starting zero seven with four digits following.

Don’t have an account? Once the six screws are undone and the IF OUT mini-coax plug disconnected, the board will pull slightly forward and hinge towards the front panel. The last entered frequency in VFO may be lost. There is a programmable This is almost indistinguishable from the above cable but is more logically wired nearly like the resistor colour code.

Key in [8] [. Should the AR fail to operate correctly, refer to the following instructions before contacting your AOR dealer for support.

This test point is fed by a 0. Each memory channel may hold: It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

It is more ar55000 as a ‘rotary switch’ used for several other functions in addition to frequency tuning. Program Search – Voice If nothing were displayed to show that Cyber Search was in operation and no transmissions were encountered, the AR may otherwise look like it was doing nothing.

To SCAN any deselected bank simply rotate the The AR will use the settings of whichever bank xr5000 while scanning until the desired scan bank number is identifier profile number is displayed when the bank link displayed in the top right of the LCD.

No alteration in receiver performance is noticed.

Only the upper case of the AR needs to be removed when installing optional filters.