Bringing you a string of ~ popular stotras, ashtottaras, vedamantras, etc. Features * zoom option with slider * White text on Black background to save battery. ChAmpeya gowrArdha sareera kayai, Karpoora gourArdha sareera kaya, Dhamilli kayai cha jatadaraya, Namah Shivayai cha namah shivaya. 3 एप्रिल् Shri Ardhanarishwara Stotram was composed by Sri Adi Shankara bhagavatpada. Creator and Creation are One ~ Ardhanarishwara.

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Numerous beings, including the 11 Rudras ln various female shaktisare created from both the halves. Adarsh Gupta K February 20, at 1: Kavyamala is a collection of ancient, very rare and previously ardhanarisdara Sanskrit works.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Ramakrishnan, All mahapuranas, Itihasas, Vedas and related scriptures are available in Devanagari at http: Thank you so much for this amazing work and tremendous efforts. I do not know about Swami Maheshwaranand.

Please let me know if you face any difficulty in downloading the above books. I am sure other Sanskrit lovers feel the same way.

Ardha Naareeswara Ashtakam Stotram in Tamil – Temples In India Information

Kindly inform whether they are available with you. With Sanskrit Commentary and Translation by S.

I am living in gujarat and i am student of english and sanskrit literature. While the 8th-century Nayanar saint Sundarar says that Shiva is always inseparable from the Stotgam Goddess, [5] another 7th-century Nayanar saint Sambanthar describes how the ” eternal feminine ” is not only his consort, but she is also part of him.


Mahodhay, Efforts taken in uploading e-books is most welcome contribution to our Samskritham and my pranams to every one for their contribution in this regard. Rest assured we WON’T spam!

Raghavayadaviyam of Venkatadhvari stogram http: My thanks to you and everyone who helped. The union of these principles is exalted as the root and womb of all creation. You can download it from Digital Library of India. Both have commentaries of Narayanakantha. Thank stootram very much for uploading these books. University of Chicago Library.

Ardhanarishvara – Wikipedia

This post is a real treasure. You need to be a registered user to enjoy the benefits of Rewards Program. The name Ardhanarishvara means “the Lord Who is half woman.

Sir, thx for the entire collcn of Nirnaya sagar press, but with me i m havin dasakumaracarita with 3 comm printed from bombya nirnay sagar which is also very old book now turned yellow and brittle pags, how come that book is missing here in this list?

Let me know if you have more information about this publication. Dr Ganesh mahodaya, Pranams!


Complete Collection of Kavyamala Series of Books of Nirnaya Sagar Press

Nandi usuallysometimes along with a lion. I have the starting lyrics, wanted the entire Ninda Stuti; Will you be able to help me with that?

Harikrishnanji, There is no such link. Otherwise, thanks a lot for this wonderful collection! Please let me know if stptram have any trouble in downloading.

We all are future of india! My salutations to both Parvathi and Shiva, To Her whose dance marks the creation of the world, To Him whose dance indicates destruction of everything, To Her who is the mother of the universe, And to Him who is the father of the universe.

Ardhanraiswara me know if you face any difficulty in downloading the files. Meanwhile, I got a copy of Suryasataka and scanned it. How can Stotrsm get the online version of them.? Hi Guest Login Register. Dhanyavadarohamativ Bhavatam dhvara saral sushthu sahajtaya Sanskrit ch tasy Samraxanam-samvardhanam kriya ativ Sundaram ch brihat sahayakamasti. There is no such link. V M D Namboodiri. Giving below links from Digital Library of India.