At 3rd level and every 4th level thereafter, a beguiler can add a single sorcerer/ wizard spell from the enchantment or illusion school to his class. Followers of this tradition are known as beguilers and believe a brilliant mind certain levels in this class: to double your Intelligence modifier at 11th level, and. Beguiler[edit]. They make fame and glory sound like the possessions of the strong and only the strong. Those with the best weapons, armor and magic. But what.

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Having said that, its power can be further pushed to the point where it will be virtually impossible to resist its spells, xlass immunity.

A beguiler might first appear as a foe and end up an ally, or the reverse could happen. Additionally, starting 14th level, you may add one more level of proficiency to your Deception skill checks. Fog Cloud — Obscuring Mist but starting from a point you choose.

Beguilers are suave and adept spies, equipped to infiltrate any organization or compound without detection or with minimal casualties. In a way, you’re doing them a favor. Any tips for feats and equipment?

The beguiler class gives players a chance to play the archetypal trickster. Retrieved from ” https: The biggest drawback of this spell, other than the HD limit, is the casting time of 1 round.

This character’s job is to carry the fight to the enemy and protect more vulnerable party members — such as yourself.

  JCM 2000 TSL PDF

Daze Monster — Almost never going to be relevant. Starting 7th level, you may make an Intelligence check on a trap or device DC10 and instantly know all about how it works and how to disable it.

Every out-of-combat interaction is made incredibly easy with this spell. If you fail, you only angered the buyer and will not be able to sell that object for 24 hours in the same marketplace, after which it will be worth only xlass its value to other eyes.

Character Class: Beguiler — Master of Deception

Telepathy is always made of win, and it’s ten times more important if you’re the party “face” or scout. Phantom Battle — Really not worth it. The Beguiler is a character class for 3.

At this point, you probably should have already gone into a prestige class instead of progressing. This includes art commissions, modules, maps, podcasts, streams, etc, whether you are charging for them or not. At 10th level, you gain Still Spell as a bonus feat.

Mind Blank — Really damn good, not least because the 24 hour duration. At 10th level, a beguiler gains Still Spell as a bonus feat. The beguiler has seven dead levels, but gains spells per day during each one of those levels.

Dominate Person — You literally get a thrall. Your advanced learning class feature offers excellent opportunities to customize your spell list and beguielr it your own. White lies, false smiles, and secret thoughts keep society running smoothly. Archivist – Dread Necromancer Magic of Incarnum: As with any spellcaster, a beguiler can cast only a limited number of spells each day — a beguiler, however, can cast any spell from his class spell list and a small number anytime he likes, so long as he has not exceeded his daily limit Trapfinding: If your talents lean toward negotiation or subtle influence, try to persuade a fighting ally to let you have a shot at using your influence before open hostilities commence.


Mirror Image — The single best defensive spell. You brguiler also add your Intelligence modifier when you perform the skill, in addition to your Charisma modifier. The target is not considered flat-footed and therefore can make attacks of opportunity against you if you do not cast defensively. If a weapons section is necessary, then it should go here. Useful if you need to get somewhere, but then if you need to get somewhere the DM will always give you a way regardless.

Control foes clas charm person and dominate monster spells.

Beguiler (5e Class)

See this list on making an opponent Flat-Footed, and this list on Sneak Attack. You’re at your best when you can catch foes unaware. If you want claas discuss contents of this page – this is the easiest way to do it.