BFT Urano Operator, for sale to the public at trade prices. urano. Sliding Gate Operator. URANO BT: Now replaced with the ARES BT. The ARES will fit into the . BFT Urano BT Electomechanical electric gate automation kit, 3 yr warranty, for sale to the public at trade prices. The Urano BT is a powerful low voltage operator designed to move large gates accurately and safely. The DC motor and diagnostic controller give an impressive .

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Body kit ARES

The product range consists urzno 6 models with varying sections and diameter up to 4m. Magnetic limit switch device, simplified installation of limit switch magnets. The operator is ideal for busy gates weighing up to kgs.

Anti crushing guaranteed by a pair of by-pass valves and an inviolability system for the valves. Designed for height and side adjustable fastening. Why there’s a drawing instead of a picture? This system allows the gates to slide along a simple track sideways. Company Information How to make for Bi-folding door operator, fixed to one leaf, it opens and closes by means of a telescopic arm.


BFT Gate automation equipment sales from Ark Wrought Ironwork

If you have any technical or commercial questions, our customers care will answer only in english. Including manual, semi auto and fully automatic. For individual arm operator prices, call us today.

As you can see from the picture in this kit there are all the small parts that Control board, protected by a hrano, for simplified programming via display. Sliding gates are often the best solution for commercial premises with busy access points. Break out system available for ease of evacuation in event of emergency. Come funziona la garanzia prodotti Servizio esplosi interattivi.

For sliding gate with maximum weight kg designed to move industrial gates in the simplest and safest way. Limit switch brackets for BFT sliding gates operators BFT galvanised steel limit switch brackets to be applied on the rack. Automated systems for folding doors. With a capacity to take a single leaf urnao a max weight of kg.

utano BFT plastic cover for sliding gates operators: As the gear motor is non reversing, no electric locks need to be installed. BFT Displaying to of products.

An electric lock must be installed to maintain the gate in closed position.


Ordina e ritira vicino casa Bisogno di aiuto? Sei un cliente professionale? Twin-disk, clutch in oil-bath anti-crushing safety. Residential and light commercial applications. For gates with a maximum weight of kg.



urnao In the event of power failure, the key-operated release device makes it possible to open and close the gates manually. This product can be used with all the BFT sliding gates motorizations.

Maximum anti-crushing safety by coupling the twin-disk oil-bath clutch with the electronic device and encoder. This spare kit includes also the inner release pivot.

Reversible when no power is supplied to the motor, the sliding leaf can always be moved manually. FAAC offer a wide range ursno sliding urzno to suit all applications from residential properties to large commercial sites. The electronic equipment can be fitted internally or remotely, allowing maximum flexibly. It includes also the anchoring screws Sliding Gates Multi user application. This bearings, if they do not work Suitable for intensive use on door leafs up to 2m.

Very important because safeguards all the Sliding Gates for Industrial and commercial Applications.