When Brett Kebble was gunned down in his luxury sedan last September, police initially suspected he was the victim of a botched hijacking. But within 24 hours. Barry Sergeant, hard-hitting, bestselling author of Brett Kebble: The Inside Story ( Zebra, ), now tackles the murky world of shady financial. This is the story of the world’s biggest unprosecuted fraud. Barry Sergeant, hard-hitting, bestselling author of Brett Kebble: The Inside Story (Zebra, ), now.

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The Inside Story Zebra,now tackles the murky world of shady financial dealings, post the Kebble murder. He and his father Roger had lost their last chance to get charges of fraud, conspiracy and insider trading dropped and would now have to go to trial.

This falls short of the one billion rand that he was said to have squandered. Contents Fifth horseman of the apocalypse. A cheerful blaze was crackling in the big fireplace in the main reception room, where the two men chatted briefly before sitting down to a simple meal of steak and salad.

Brett Kebble – The Inside Story (Paperback)

If you add this item to your wish list we will let you know when it becomes available. But the story is out now, and you are in it, whether you like it or not. And then there was the bloody tax probe.

The inside story published inis the second in what he hopes will be a trilogy in two to three years time. It was alleged that Agliotti had strong links with organised crime and racketeering. Ways and means of a Robber Baron The laughing Zulu JavaScript scheint in Ihrem Browser deaktiviert zu sein. Sergeant brings his incisive pen, his wit and his determined investigative doggedness to the narrative. These are some of the roots of this remarkable book. None of this, though, had been as stressful as the bruising showdown from which Kebble had emerged on 30 August not only jobless, but effectively penniless.


The cast is stellar: The irony was kbeble while his unassuming wife Ingrid and their children, Matthew, Andrew, Hannah and sweet little Lily, stood to inherit a fortune, life as they knew it depended on Kebble finding R5 million, fast.

But the cellphone call made from the overpass by the mystery man was not to summon help. The Kebble as it became known, was the most inclusive award of its kind often criticized for including a “craft” category to be judged on par with the other mediums like painting, sculpture, printmaking and photography in South Africa. Is the insidee for this product incomplete, wrong or inappropriate?

Memoir, Biography & True Crime: The Kebble Collusion

And It is true But Kebble had got away with grand larceny onside grotesque looting for so long that rational thought had been subsumed by hubris. A bit of a billionaire When I last saw him in Julyhe had been over the hump years before, and brtt knew that he was falling deeper into the slough of despondency.

Retrieved 25 August They must have been waiting for a while.

But he had never figured out the cash conundrum. Ramaphosa’s NewYear message warns of difficult decisions for SA in By the Cathedrale Notre Dame de la Paix Scam of the century We distance ourselves entirely insdie this book. At the loneliest point of the leafy, fairly well-lit street, with the bird sanctuary on his left, Kebble brought the big Mercedes to a gentle halt and pressed the button to open the window to his right.


Click here for reviews of the book. Checkout Your Cart Price. Two months later, he was dead. There was nothing menacing about his approach, and even though it was a quiet road and a dark night in the world capital of violent crime, Kebble had no foreboding of danger.

The purpose of such bullets, which storyy a specially adapted pistol, was to hit assassins and terrorists without passing through their bodies and hitting bystanders or hostages. There had been assets aplenty and shares by the million, but hard cash was the chimera Kebble never vanquished.

Brett Kebble – Wikipedia

As he pressed the number of someone awaiting his call in Pretoria, he alone knew the full and kebbl truth. However, in November Agliotti was acquitted when the court ruled that the state had not made a prima facie case against him. But the consummate crisis was that he could no longer dip into the corporate piggy bank that had funded not only his personal profligacy for more than a decade, but had also financed the flamboyant lifestyles of those he had made rich and almost famous.

Mr X had briefed him well, and in a few minutes he could drive on to keep his dinner date. After Kebble’s murder, his family decided to cancel the awards. Yesterday, Sergeant described what he had uncovered and wrote about in The Kebble Collusion: This keble a world of outright denial and selective amnesia, of complex financial transactions designed to confuse, obfuscate and hide the spoils.