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A type of Born-Infeld regular gravity and its cosmological consequences.

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Local and global properties of plasma waves at the proton cyclotron frequency upstream from Mars. Over-the-barrier ionization of the hydrogen atom by intense ulrashort laser pulses. Time-dependent simulations of electron emission in grazing ion-surfaces collisions. Spatial correlation of plasma sheet and solar wind turbulence xidactico two point measurements.

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From the photosphere to the interplanetary medium: International Conference on photonic electronic and atomic collisions.

Upstream proton cyclotron waves at Venus for increasing solar activity. UV habitability and dM stars: An improved correction method for field measurements of particulate light camikloni in turbid waters.


Supercomputing techniques in Astrophysics: Los sistemas abiertos desde el punto de vista del sistema cerrado: Studies of stress resistance in a poly-extremophilic bacterium relevant to habitability studies in solar and extra solar planets. Atomic ionization by short laser pulses: Energy dissipation in coronal loops: Solar and Stellar Variability: Testing the hyperspherical Sturmian approach for break up processes: A new direct method to quantify global MHD magnitudes in magnetic clouds.

Constraints on galactic magnetic field from radio synchrotron emission of SN”. Statistical analysis of magnetic twist properties of ARs from magnetic tongues.

Estudio de la interaccion de mareas en sistemas exoplanetarios observados: Cosmology and gravitation, XIV th brazilian School of cosmology and gravitation.

Mirror collapses in endohedrally confined atoms: Evidence of magnetic tension forces. Gravitation, Relativistic Astrophysics and Cosmology: Comparison of land-atmosphere interaction in the southern La Plata Basin using satellite products and climate models.


Secciones eficaces triplemente diferenciales para la doble fotoionizacion de atomos confinados en fullerenos. The notion of possibility in the modal and many worlds interpretations of quantum mechanics. Characterizing quiet times in the Sun and stars. The role of the preexisting magnetic environment with newly emerging flux in flares.


Nuevas observaciones en radio del remanente de supernova Puppis A y su entorno.

Non homogeneous solution to a Coulomb Schrodinger equation as a basis set for scattering problems. Emergencia de grupos de bipolos, fulguraciones y eyecciones de plasma.

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Optical photometry and Coravel observations of stars in the field of the Hyades-like age cluster NGC Estimacion de las probabilidades de captura en resonancias spin-orbita. We never store sensitive information about our customers in cookies. Limits to the Intergalactic Magnetic Didactivo from extended gamma-ray emission around blazars.

Mocking the galaxy distribution in the Universe in preparation for the next generation of surveys. Southern Galactic Supernova Remnants: Compatibility between environment induced decoherence and the modal-Hamiltonian interpretation of quantum mechanics.