repair manual for a similiar Canon printer, the iR, on Ebay for $ to $ and this will tell you how to take apart the printer. I had the same. imageCLASS D – Canon Inc. Canon Imageclass D Service Manual Ebook Canon Imageclass D Service Manual currently available. I have a Canon ImageClass D and repair parts but have no service manual, instructions or diagrams. Canon USA is of No Help on this- they.

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Keep out of reach of children. Advise the user on the correct method of storing paper. Replace the pressure spring of the original separation pad. The laser beam generated by the laser unit based on the signals from the DC controller PCB moves through the collimator lens inside the laser unit and the cylindrical lens to reach a 4-face polygon mirror rotating at a constant speed.

Canon imageCLASS D860 Basic Manual

Since radiation emitted inside the machine is completely confined within protective housings, and external covers, the laser beam cannot escape from the machine during any canin of user operation. Item Unit of adjustment 0 to 18 Do not change. T Side guide plate 9 Is the side guide plate of the cassette mounted correctly? To obtain the shipping address of Canon U. T Paper 2 Is the paper placed correctly?

Set the recording level so that the sound of communication can clearly be heard with as little noise as possible when replayed. It also is used to send the DTMF signal. You may use them as you imageclsas on a fax machine. F To mount the control panel, turn it over as shown imageclazs 8. The telephone line has a faulty connection. Likewise, if a malfunction occurs while printing from a PC or a fax communication, see its respective section those unique to printer functions or those unique to fax functions.


Take care not to break the claw when removing the gear. The Jmageclass has 3 sensors to monitor the state of the original. It then sends the dial signals to the telephone line by way of the modular jack PCB.

Canon imageCLASS D Manual

Keep it out of reach of children. Gently remove any jammed paper from inside the main unit. The transmission mode set in one-touch speed dialing and coded speed dialing registration takes priority over the one set with the service soft switch.

In response, the machine will start cleaning the fixing pressure roller. Ask the operator of the other party to set the original correctly. Be sure also to remove any watch, ring, or the like, as they can reflect the laser beam to damage your eye.

,anual The time now is SENSOR [1] – – – [7] F 5 When the screen shown in the foregoing figure is displayed, press ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’, or ‘4’ to bring up the State screen of a specific sensor.

Go through steps 2 to 4. T Separation pad, Separation pad pressure spring manual feed tray 6 Is the surface of the separation pad of the manual feed tray normal?

A higher parameter will make the transmission of the RTN signal more difficult. Copy Resolution up to x dpi; x dpi quality. As the 4-face polygon mirror rotates at a constant speed, the laser beam scans the surface of the photosensitive drum at a constant speed, thereby removing charges and forming static images.

imageCLASS D860

Some models use 4 decimal characters throughwhile some use 3 decimal characters through The selective polling address or the password of the machine does not match that of the other machine. The source of paper may be from any of two: I dropped the assembly and disconnected the sensor harness like suggested and it was fine.


The following error codes are associated with the line condition at time of transmission. Codes for errors that can occur during transmission because of echo: Search Our Knowledge Base Sercice enter your question: Arrange the stack of envelopes on a firm, clean surface, and press down firmly on the edges to make the folds crisp. The machine must be level. Service Mode Data Item Description 1. Servicw the numeric keys to set the copy quantity. It may burst or explode.

Results 1 to 10 of Appendix Specifications Features are subject to change without notice due to product improvements. T [RX] Paper has jammed or the paper has run out Cause: Main The laser scanner motor is faulty. Provide echo remedy 1. Clean the paper path. After the list is printed, the image data storage and the control information will automatically be deleted.

Chapter 10 [2] [1] [2] F 2 Remove the harness retainer [1]. Off-Hook Detection Circuit An off-hook state is detected with reference to the direct current flowing into the circuit, occurring when the telephone connected to the telephone terminal of the modular jack PCB is off the hook.

Imagelass disconnecting the telephone line while a communication is under way.