Laboratory Manual The basic knowledge of CATIA v5 in the scope of files Open new folder named Core & Cavity Design and save CCDmodel CATIA. CATIA – Core & Cavity Design 2 (CCV) allows rapid and cost effective design of the core and cavity used in mold tooling or manufacturing equipments. i v problem with create a mold in catia. how can use “core and cavity design” and “mold design”. Manainader. 20 Oct, AM.

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Tutorial – Catia – Mold – Catia V5 R15

Current instance s is are highlighted in red Rutorial option Manage All is active, positioning operations will be applied to all instances simultaneously.

A Remove feature is applied to this new Body. Amazon Business Service for business customers. The coolant channel definition dialog box and a cylindrical hole are displayed in the viewer.

Managing User Components You will see how any User Component is structured, and how to create and instantiate user-defined components. Structure of the Molded Part: All the Instances of this Reference will be automatically modified. Mold Tooling Design Student Notes: The following constraints are created in the assembly: Do this by choosing On Plane and clicking on yz1 in the specification tree under Open body.


A Component corresponding to the Molded Part. In the case of the Round shape, the stamp may be in Core, Cavity or both simultaneously.

These Boolean features are formed due to associated Technological Results, the technological information of the initial Hole features defined in the component size, thread. For example, if you have created your own type of Spring, you can link your catalog to Spring.

how can use “core and cavity design” and “mold design”

You can erase one instance just by picking its W axis in the preview. To erase a previewed component, just click the vertical green arrow in the 3D viewer. As know-how rules are applied, a filter proposes only ejector pins with a consistent length value.

They can be created using various types of support geometry: It is recommended to proceed in the following way: Now create another point on the face on the opposite side of the CoreCooling. You just have to pick several positioning points instead of one.

This is necessary to ensure proper kinematics simulation. Click the Associate button. Exit the Anv with this icon and return to the product double click on Product in the specification tree. You can explicitly select an element in the specification tree as Father Product to override the default or automatic values. Cavitj editing You can edit a Gate via option Edit Gate in its contextual menu. Select the required type, then subtype of the Gate, using Catalog icon in the Gate definition dialog box: Here is the final result: Double click on MoldedPart in the specification tree.


Click the Project 3D Elements icon and select the gate that you just created yellow square.

CATIA V5 Bottle Mold Design – CATIA V5 Tutorial

Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. If it is allowed to create several instances per reference. Enter a ratio value of 1.

If zero or one only axes are defined, the system will implicitly use information from the general axis system. What is a Tooling Component? This automatic multi-instantiation is done only ans option Manage All is active.

Pick then a position on the selected face to get a preview of the component. Activate and define if required a depth value for the screw head.