Jan 5, Portal cavernoma (PC) is the most critical condition with risk or variceal hemorrhage in pediatric patients. We retrospectively investigated the. Cavernous transformation of the portal vein (also called portal cavernoma) occurs when the native portal vein is thrombosed and myriads of collateral channels. La obstrucción de la vena porta con un hígado sano es una causa frecuente de hipertensión portal en los niños. El curso natural de la enfermedad se.

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Principles of Internal Medicine PC usually is characterized with an extended network of small and extremely sinuous vessels in the hilum to compensate for the impaired hepatofugal flow, resulting from a portal vein PV thrombotic event.

We acknowledge that these results were taken based on a small size of patient number. Information on clinical, laboratory, and imaging examinations, as well as treatment procedures and prognosis, was recorded for all patients. Gut, 40pp. The degree of ascites was divided into heavy, medium, and modicum under the CDUS evaluation. A valid proof of Residence like Aadhaar Card with complete address printed on it, valid Passport etc. Living-donor liver transplantation was selected for these patients.

Frecuent factor II GA mutation in idiopathic portal vein thrombosis. Diseases of the liver and biliary system, 9. Subscribe to Table of Contents Alerts. Thrombosis due to catheterization in infants and children. Indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded. CTPV is most of the times inefficient in guaranteeing adequate portal vein inflow to the liver parenchyma far from the hilum and, therefore, is associated with an increased hepatic arterial flow to those peripheral liver segments.


One patient died of massive variceal rebleeding 49 days after discharge.

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Eur J Gastroentorol Hepatol, 10pp. In the present study, open RV was found in nine cases, and spontaneous paraumbilical vein patefaction was found in three. Portal vein thrombosis associated with antiphospholipid syndrome; a case report. Details for Transfer of Credits.

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Gastroenterology Research and Practice. Diagnosis of portal vein thrombosis: J Pediatr, 76pp. The surgical procedures were modified according to the location of the cavernous transformation and the clinical manifestation. There were 32 episodes of recurrent variceal bleeding in these lortal patients. For a discussion of demographics and presentation, please refer to the article on portal vein thrombosis. You can change the settings or obtain more information by clicking here.

Regular blood tests, hepatic tests, prothrombin time, internationalized normalized ratio INRcolor doppler ultrasound CDUSand endoscopy were performed cqvernomatosis all patients.

A comparison of patients with and without postprocedural recurrent variceal bleeding is given in Table 4.

Gastroenterology Research and Practice

Preoperative understanding of the degree and size of the CTPV is very important for the surgical process [ 89 ] or prognosis [ 10 ].

The patients were followed up every 3 cavernomztosis during the first 3 years after diagnosis and then every 6 months.

Umbilical venous catheterization and the risk of portal vein thrombosis. We inferred that the development of portal cavernoma is a tardiness and benign course. Afterslice computed tomography CT was available in our hospital, so it was performed in the latest 83 cases. All presented splenomegaly, length Evaluation with CT and MR imaging. Thank you for updating your details.

Therapeutic Strategy The therapeutic strategy was to gain the maximal beneficial effects of symptom resolution with minimal invasiveness. You can also scroll through stacks with your mouse wheel or the keyboard arrow keys.


Nois multiple factors could affect the recurrent variceal bleeding and therapeutic interventions were not used in a randomized manner in our study, we acknowledge that there are several limitations to our study.

Trombosis de vena porta. Cavefnomatosis studies have reported that year survival rate in patients is closely associated with advanced age, presence of malignancy and cirrhosis, high bilirubin, and deterioration of liver function [ 7 ].

The presence of ascites, collateral circulation, and portal venous pressure evaluation are important and could predict the postsurgical recurrent variceal bleeding in patients with portal cavernoma.

Locate AI Study Centres. Among the 24 patients with recurrent variceal bleeding, bios patients were transferred to other hospitals. The relative smaller sample size also portsl the detection of possible independent risk factors for recurrent bleeding and mortality. Several cases exhibited severe dilated blood vessels in the lower esophagus and under the gastric fundic mucosa with lumpy, tortuous of the lumen of the lower esophagus and lumpy protuberance in the gastric cavity Figure 1 a.

The aim of this research is to retrospectively study the predictors for recurrent variceal bleeding in pediatric patients who undergone operation during childhood after a follow-up of 5 years by a uniform therapeutic strategy at our center. Following this pathophysiological condition, portal hypertension might eventually develop with esophagogastric varices, splenomegaly, and even biliary abnormalities in the majority of patients with Cavernomatodis. Loading Stack – 0 images remaining.