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He may depict himself large or small depending on how significant he felt when he was rowing, or he may give us an account of his feeling for nature. But there is Bob.

Some art educators identify predominantly with aesthetic criteria, art media and their application, the elements of design and their organization; others identify creatiive with the individ- ual who produces. Therefore, never be satisfied with such a general statement as “I can’t draw it.

The diflFerence in the meaning of iniitation has created misunderstand- ings. While the kitchen is the room into which the “modern age” has pene- trated, the living room is usually filled with assembly line patterns of outdated pseudostyled furniture.

There are also many levels of creative performance, from the mere drawing of a line following the directions of the teacher, to the complex integrated compo- sition that is done spontaneously.

So, according to his likes and dislikes in color and placement, he gives expres- sion to his dislike for Bob in his drawing. If the child expresses himself according to his own level, he becomes encouraged in his own independent thinking by expressing his own thoughts and ideas by his own means. The extension of the frame of reference constitutes one of the most im- portant principles in art education, or indeed, in education in general.


Most of all it is important for this world The Importance of Creative Activity in Elementary Education 45 that educators realize that our abiHty to identify with our work and the needs of our neighbors may ultimately be responsible for our survival. Art for the child is merely a means of expression. Easy adjustment to new situations.

Creative and mental growth – Viktor Lowenfeld, W. Lambert Brittain – Google Books

This is the opposite of convergent thinking. Notice how very aware he is of the sound, of the grass ahead of the mower that still needs to be cut, and of the mechanical features of the mower. For example, we cannot identify with the intentions of a child who depicts his home environment without learning of his home atmosphere, that is, the subject matter he has liwenfeld.

In art edu- cation such conditioning to a new situation often constitutes an important part of the motivation, especially for the extension of the child’s frame of reference.

As has been said before, the single elements lose their identity in total integration. We cannot expect confidence from our youth in one aspect of our advancing society if we show distrust in fiktor.

Refresh and try again. Obviously the latest streamlined model would be the first choice of the average American. It is therefore important to base any aesthetic appreciation on the reaction of the pupil, and to expand his aesthetic level from there on. If Johnny thinks of his environ- ment more sensitively, he has been taught to do one of the most important things that we need in the world”today — to become more sensitive to the needs of others.


If the child chooses a subject in which he is not interested nental to which he has little or no relationship, he will not be able to identify with it.

Full text of “Creative and mental growth”

This makes him better understand Dad. In this way he will gain the creative freedom that is necessary for his emotional growth and that encourages the type of independent thinking that is a part of his intellectual advancement.

Jaclyn rated it really liked it May 01, Helen rated it it was amazing Sep 16, The easier it is for the child to include himself in a given situation, the more readily will he identify with it.

But, except for the arts, the senses are apt to be ignored.

Creative and Mental Growth

This interference starts perhaps when children scribble and eager parents expect to see something that fits their own adult conception. In fact every child does it, as when whittling a bow. At any age, we find many levels of physical proficiency. Helena rated it really liked it Nov 04,