CSSOFTWARE ENGINEERING. TWO MARKS. 1. What is software engineering? Software engineering is a discipline in which theories, methods and tools. Anna University Model Question Paper – CSSOFTWARE ENGINEERING. UNIT I SOFTWARE PROCESS AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT. 1. What is software engineering? Software engineering is a discipline in which theories.

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View a Printable Version Subscribe to this thread. What are the various activities during software project planning? What are the linkages between data flow and ER diagrams? There are no required readings. What is the difference between alpha and beta testing?

Or b Consider the problem of railway reservation system and design the following: Discuss with the help of a diagram. This course provides an softwsre study of the process of developing software systems, including the use of software processes in actual product development, techniques used to ensure quality of the software products and maintenance tasks performed as software evolves. For more info and to view a course syllabus, please visit engineerkng Udacity Course Page.

When appropriate, additional class materials will be available as instructor notes that are associated with the video lectures. Software Development Process Software Engineering: By the end of the course, students will understand the role of software processes in the development of software and will have experienced several types of processes, from rigid to agile.


How does “Project Risk” factor affect the spiral model of software development? If a module has logical cohesion what kind of coupling is this module likely to have with others. You will also receive grades and information on how much each graded item counts toward the overall grade for the course through T-Square.

Students are also expected to have taken an undergraduate software engineering course or have some experience in industry. Additional information about the course, including office hours, late-assignment policy, and team work, will be posted by the instructor on Piazza on or before the first day of class.

Describe any one in detail. Login to know your Rank. Participation – Students are expected to participate in the online forum and in the office hours; that is, they are expected to read postings, watch the office hours videos, and possibly contribute to the discussion.


We will be using Piazza as a forum for this sc1353 and Hangout on Air for the weekly online office hours. Handwritten Premium Lecture Notes.

Please be sure to complete all assignments and projects by their due softwars. Subscribe Recommend on Google Follow Vidyarthiplus. What are the risk management activities?

Students should be familiar with at least one programming language Java strongly preferred and with basic software engineering concepts. The program is capable of handling an interactive command to wngineering an individually requested cheque immediately.


Recommend on Google Follow Vidyarthiplus. Students will also become familiar with a variety of modern technologies and development techniques and understand their connection to software processes.

Course Creator and Instructor.


Dhilipkumar 0 1, P Team 1 List the advantage of using Waterfall model instead of adhoc build and fix model. Let us also stress that you should make sure to read all Piazza postings and watch the office hours videos, or you may miss important information about the course. If you answer “no” to any of the following questions, it may be beneficial to refresh your knowledge of this material prior to taking CS You will receive all assignments and projects through T-Square, and each entry will show a due date.

Share your Study Materials with us: What types of categories of projects are identified? Share your Study Materials with us.

Please submit all of your course-related questions through Piazza. List out the requirements engineering.