Dalam konteks inilah buku Dari Puncak Bagdad Sejarah Dunia Versi Islam dapat dilihat. Seperti yang tertulis di sampul belakang buku. Over 1 million books & FREE* Delivery. Discounts up to 50%! Malaysia’s No.1 Online Bookstore with retail chains throughout Malaysia specializing in books. Dari puncak Bagdad: sejarah dunia versi Islam / Item Description: Original title : Destiny disrupted: a history of the world through Islamic eyes. ISBN.

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I’m sure something of what I read is useful. This part was no new news from me, after reading it so many times from different context and different writers.

Beberapa diantaranya dituliskan isllam buku ini. The Western businessmen, government agents and flying-carpetbaggers, along with a few armies here and there, got the Muslims signed up on the dotted line every which way. But Destiny Disrupted tells the entire sweeping epic with a historian’s accuracy but a storyteller’s verve.

Bacaan umum sejarah yang baik, namun perlulah disusuli dengan bacaan yang lebih teliti mengenai setiap bibit isu yang berlaku sepanjang sejarah tamadun Islam. That said, I think it helped because I went over a lot of sentences and even paragraphs more than once.

Shortly thereafter we discovered science, democracy, and industrialization. Ansary does an excellent job parsing the various currents and forces that flowed through the Muslim world, explaining how they reacted to the change of events and why.

Ansary is not above tossing in wry commentary now and then, neither sparing Westerners nor Muslims from apt observations about historical veris and inconvenient truths.

But by conflating our history with the history of the whole world, we not only marginalize and insult those whose historical narratives are different, but we make ourselves incapable of understanding the interactions that we have with the other worlds around us. Banyak dari kisah dalam buku ini sudah sering terdengar dalam pelajaran Agama Islam di sekolah, mulai dari sekolah dasar hingga menengah atas.

Tiga setengah bintang untuk buku ini. If you’d like a little more detail on the book, check out the review on my blog. Needless to say detail orientation is not possible in such a abridged narration of an incredibly complex situation.


Destiny Disrupted is now the book that I will recommend, but with an important caveat. Tamim Ansary does a great service writing very readable history in this book, Destiny Disputed: I can see myself reading this again as its so informative. The author was very fortunate in his research and reference reading to reach all of the needed information to mention all of these details.

The existence of the writer, Tamim Ansary who settled in San Francisco, United States, to support the change of paradigm. Dilengkapi riwayat singkat Imam Bukhari. Hingga mencapai titik ironi yang paling dalam seperti yang digambarkan oleh buku ini, bahwa pada masa kedatangan Pasukan Salib dari Eropa, negara-negara dengan Sultan-sultan kecil yang menguasai kota-kota berpengaruh di Suriah dan Palestina justru sedang saling bersaing satu sama lain dan bahkan menggunakan kedatangan Pasukan Salib ini untuk melawan pesaing-pesaingnya.

Sebuah peradaban mengagumkan yang telah menguras perhatian para peneliti objektif dari Barat.

Lost Islamic History: Reclaiming Muslim Civilisation from the Past

And that’s very characteristic of this book. Things happen, seemingly for a reason. I love how the events are connected from the time of the Prophet to the ‘modern’ world today. Ada prespektif yang baru dan terkesan sangat objektif. He acknowledges that swaths of his tale are or might be subjective. In this book a lot of obscure places and people go rushing by, fari a speeded up film, like a boiling river. Selalu menarik membaca buku sejarah Islam yang ditulis oleh akademisi.

There is no Apostle’s will regarding his successor.

Destiny Disrupted: A History of the World Through Islamic Eyes by Tamim Ansary

Great read I recommend punck anyone; Muslims who have no idea of our history and non-Muslims who want to understand Islam. Sebuah pekerjaan yang sangat ambisius, dan Darl Alkhateeb, seorang peneliti Sejarah Islam di Universitas School, Bridgeview, Illinois sekaligus pendiri situs jaringan Lost Islamic History memilih untuk mengambil pekerjaan mulia itu.

Ansary memilih untuk mengetengahkan sosok yang bersinggungan langsung dengan kondisi sekarang ini, misalnya dengan fokus kepada asal muasal Wahabi, Ahmadiyah, dan pengaruh Jamaluddin Al Afghani. Mark Owen The biggest proof I have found that it is authentic is that – in the versk since I read it – nothing that has happened in the Middle East has come as …more The biggest proof I have found that it is authentic is that – in the years since I read it – nothing that has happened in the Middle East has come as a big surprise to me.


Meluruskan Sejarah Islam Dari Puncak Bagdad

Indecision had struck the Prophet’s companion because there was no inherited leader selection mechanism. The author clearly knows his stuff, and I now wish I’d taken the class he co-taught on it This was yet another book that took me way longer than it would’ve two years ago.

Gently derisive of both Western and Muslim prejudices and dogma, Ansary presents himself as a trustworthy guide, unafraid to critique the culture of his forebearers but refusing to betray it or declare allegiance to another. Books by Firas Alkhateeb. Ansary directs the San Francisco Vfrsi Workshop. The duni production runs approximately Of course, any reader with a more detailed, prior knowledge of the region and its religion reserves the right to knock his story down and vfrsi me everything the author got wrong.

Beliau telah membesar dengan terus membaca dan membaca karya sejarah dan seterusnya tumbuh membesar menjadi pencinta sejarah yang sejati.

Ansary does an excellent job of presenting the narrative of this world puncakk so that it’s accessible and interesting to a reader who knows almost nothing about it. Ansary is a remarkable story teller in the best sense of the word. In Western history the Sejsrah loom large. News for dummies, maybe. Not only is the move wrong, but it is also inappropriate in terms of any culture.

All this were discussed in the book.