The Eagle Scout Workbook consists from three big fillable parts. Those are the Eagle Scout Project Proposal, Project Plan and Project Report. They should be. All of the forms are available online and many are form fillable that allows printing and saving a copy of the Eagle Service Project Workbook (For Mac Users). The “Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, No. ” is a complicated, fillable PDF document. It was produced with Adobe LiveCycle.

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This includes an extensive service project that the Scout plans, organizes, leads, and manages.

Who may serve on the board of review for the Eagle Scout rank? You can call the council service center: When may the Eagle Scout rank award or prohect badge be worn?

You must show you have an understanding of what must be done to guard against injury, and what will be done if someone does get hurt.

No project completion date, project title, or hours are listed under workblok 5. Eagle Scout boards of review are coordinated by the district advancement committee.

The proposal must be sufficiently developed so the district advancement committee can be sure the work will meet all requirements listed below. That is, must the benefitting organization sign off before the scoutmaster and unit committee? The Eagle Palm Process. If there are corrections, let us know. After your application is successfully reviewed, the council certifies it and forwards it to the district for the board of review.

On the other hand, adult leaders must bear in mind he is yet a youth. In the Chief Seattle Council you may provide this statement directly prooject your Board of Review Chair and you are not required to submit it to the Council Office attached to your Eagle Application. The steps required to advance from Life Scout to Eagle Scout can seem to be confusing and difficult.


grandcanyonbsa | Eagle Scout

Requirements for Complet fillalbe the Eagle Application Successfully You must use the most recent application which is always available on our website, seattlebsa. Drive for my project how much do I need to collect? What is the date to use for the date a rank or a merit badge was earned? Merit badges — on the badges where there is a choice, cross off the one not using Position of responsibility — both a projecct and end date must be listed.

The Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook calls for the approval of the project proposal before you proceed. A member of your District Advancement Committee who is a member of the Council Projwct Committee has authority to review and approve your request. Approval by the national council takes about 24 hours. You must show that planning, development, and leadership will take place; and how the three factors will benefit a religious institution, a school, or your community.

It usually takes about seven working days.

Life to Eagle

To fill out the application: Typing makes the form readable and there are fewer errors. For these Palms only, it will not be necessary for you to complete the requirements stated below. Continue to approach Lowe’s stores independently if you wish to ask for donated materials.

What is an Eagle Project Coach? Action steps for further detailed planning are included.

Units frequently have outdated prkject on file that should not be used. The Eagle Scout process. If you can not view the PDF from the link, please right click on the link and click “Save prroject as” to download directly to your desktop. The award is a performance-based achievement whose standards have been well-maintained over the years. Wogkbook completed in pencil or colored ink, will be returned to be redone.

Units frequently make leadership changes and do not submit those changes to the council which results in an application being delayed due to conflicting information. These steps are outlined in the attached files. Include honors and awards received during this service. Need ideas for Eagle Projects? They are not required to be in that order, but all three should be there when the proposal is presented for the district approval.


Yes, from the National Eagle Scout Association. Do not submit your Service Project Workbook with your application, filable service project workbook is taken to the board of review. Every youth prepared for tomorrow’s challenges.

To initiate approval, the candidate, his parent or guardian, the unit leader, or a unit committee member attaches to the application a statement explaining the delay. How long does it take for the approval from the National Council, after the Eagle application is submitted to the council following the board of review? An exception to this time frame, is approximately the last two weeks of December through the second week of January.

Do not send the grant form in to the council office. Must workbool project be approved before you start work on it? How long does it take for the district to schedule the board of review and who do I contact about scheduling my board of review?

If you absolutely need it by a certain time, then have your certificate expedited. Certificates not reviewed with 90 days of the date certified to be an Eagle, will always have a fee.

There will be a fee if certain conditions have not been met. No scoutmaster conference date is listed under item 6. You must list workbbook reference for every line if you are not working, no employer is required. The form to request duplicate credentials is available at our website. Earn five additional merit badges beyond those required for Eagle or last Palm.

Your district advancement chair or district Eagle Scout advancement coordinator will explain the process.