PDF | On, Michael Kifer and others published Ediff User’s Manual. Consult the Ediff doc, starting with the Ediff manual (C-h i, scroll down and choose Ediff) or the doc strings, to learn about Ediff. The web page. Ediff User’s Manual. 1. Introduction, About Ediff. 2. Major Entry Points, How to use Ediff. 3. Session Commands, Ediff commands used within a session.

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Close the Ediff window and end this comparison session. Differences displayed by Ediff. Following along in our example, if after changing buffer B like this, you change your mind edirf want to restore its old state, you can type r b edifff “restore buffer B “. Or we can leave things alone. Customise allows you to put it in a window in the same frame, which I much prefer. Finished File If you got into ediff using magit, just press q in the ediff window.

Ediff User’s Manual

We’ve already described vc-diffVC’s built-in facility for helping with these tasks. Several commands help with this, and they generally require you to choose which buffer you want to work from. The exception as mentioned above is if you ask Emacs for help resolving conflicts when they occur during a check-in operation or manually invoke vc-resolve-conflicts while visiting a buffer containing such conflicts.

The most likely explanation is historical; vc-diff has been around longer than Ediff, and it would have been disruptive to long-standing users of Emacs if a strange new interface was unexpectedly foisted on them.

Ediff User’s Manual

Press to turn on auto refinement. Registry of Ediff Sessions.


Manually Edit Let’s get gritty, edit buffer B by hand. Stop, wait a minute, fill my cup put some liquor in it. Full coverage would require an entire chapter, or eddiff even its own handbook, but this introduction will get you started and point you at the built-in manual if you want to delve deeper.

I’ve already changed it, see:. In addition to the expected pair of buffers showing you the two files or revisions being compared, it pops open a small “control window” see Figure in which you type commands.

Ediff manual – GNU Project – Free Software Foundation (FSF)

Window and Frame ConfigurationUp: As noted, there is a whole lot more to Ediff than we can discuss here. Here we want to make changes to buffer B by either copying entire zones from A, or manually editing the ‘refined’ zones to what we need them to be. Finish off your edit: Make sure that it’s always the focused, active window. I can’t think of it’s name. Refinement of Difference RegionsPrevious: If Ediff is so powerful, why isn’t it the default mode used by the vc-diff command?

Session GroupsPrevious: In its default configuration, the control window is designed to be small enough not to get in the way on smaller displays.

Refinement of Difference RegionsUp: Session CommandsUp: Use a keyboard macro if you want to I’ve moved the ediff window above the main emacs window here in my tiling window manager Now I’ve done the common task via C-x ea keyboard macro that changes image-url paths I just created. Not the current file in the directory.

Just press ab or c to copy into the buffer you’re meant to be editing c in the case that there are 3 buffers. Bear with me as I am a neophyte to Emacs.


As you might have noticed manuaal FigureEdiff assigns each file or revision buffer a letter to identify it: If you’re interested in the current state of any of these efforts, try a Google search for “vc ediff.

manhal To copy the version of the current difference found in one buffer to the other buffer, type the letter assigned to the buffer with the “right” version.

Or why cells are freaking amazing. Now when I am trying to hit these keys it starts editing the buffers even the ediff help key? A is the Current buffer, as in what exists in the current branch that you’re on.

You can do that at any time; just remember to switch back to the control window when you want move to other differences or use other Ediff commands. Follow Sia on Twitter. Session Commands Ediff commands used within a session. For manuwl task-specific help, you can click on any of the commands in the edff help window using your middle mouse button to get help describing what it does.

Selective BrowsingPrevious: Consult the Ediff doc, starting with the Ediff manual C-h iscroll down and choose Ediff or the doc strings, to learn about Ediff. See how the yellow region has the variants, and is named application.