Written in the first part of the fifth century, this work is a charming record of the observations of a Christian woman on a lengthy pilgrimage to the Holy Lands. This new version of the late fourth-century diary of journeys in and around the Holy Land known as the Itinerarium Egeriae provides a more. About Egeria. Egeria, one of the earliest documented Christian pilgrims, visited the most important destinations of pilgrimage in the eastern Mediterranean.

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Three years later an English trans- lation with text and notes, by Dr.

Various endeavours were made in various countries to combine the Quadragesima with Holy Week. With regard to Etheria’s use of the word missa in her narrative, it must be remembered that it still has for her its original meaning of “dismissal,” and is so 1 The poems of Prudentius a Spaniard were not used as church hymns till somewhat later in the fifth century.

McClure had spent much care, is the use that she has made in her notes of the Old Armenian Lectionary for the purpose of identifying the psalms and lections sung or said at Jerusalem during her visit. It survives in fragmentary form in a later copy—lacking a title, date and attribution.

In any case this is probably the earliest reference to the archdeacon in the East.

The Pilgrimage of Egeria

This account differs from that of Eusebius Hist. So if Jesus our God bids it, and I come home, you too shall read them, ladies, my own souls.

When I had arrived there, I went through all the churches that of the Apostles and all the martyr- memorials, of which there are very many and I ceased not to give thanks to Jesus our God, Who had thus deigned to bestow His mercy upon me. The use of incense is mentioned on p. But at the eighth hour all the people gather together at the martyrium 2 according to custom, only ; Zech.


Her firsthand account is a work of major significance for the fields of archaeology, church history, philology and comparative liturgy. Ian Wolfe rated it it was amazing Apr 04, And after the people the bishop enters, and goes at once within the rails of the cave of the martyrium.

Moreover, the holy bishop of the city, a truly devout man, both monk and confessor, received me willingly and said: See explanation in footnotes in loco of this, which can hardly be considered a liturgical matter in the form in which Etheria mentions it.

Egeria: Diary of a Pilgrimage by Egeria

Eusebius knows nothing of such a promise of immunity, though later historians relate it see Bernard’s note, p. See list on p. Next morning we asked the bishop to make the oblation, which he deigned to do, and the bishop blessing us, we set out.

Moreover this is the valley where the Passover was celebrated when one year had been fulfilled after that the children of Israel were come out of the land of Egypt.

Egeria: diary of a pilgrimage – Egeria – Google Books

And since from Antioch it is nearer to Mesopotamia, it was very convenient for me at God’s bidding that as I was returning to Constantinople, and my way lying through Antioch, I should go thence to Mesopotamia. And after the dismissal with the same the vigil, and with three gubalays if psalms. The place also was shown to us where the tabernacle was set up by Moses l for the first time, and all things were finished which God had bidden Moses in the mount that they should be made.

But when the dismissal has been made, the people escort the bishop with hymns thence to the Anastasis, so that it is already the hour of lucernare when he enters the Anastasis ; then hymns and antiphons are said, prayers are made, and the service inissd of lucernare takes place in the Anastasis and at the Cross.


Wilson thinks it may be the slight elevation on the ridge of Olivet, known afterwards as Galilee], and this canon is performed: As we went, the priest of the place, i.

The cost of this expedition from West to East and back again, which occupied several years, 2 must have been great, however abun- dant the hospitality was which she met with. Matters of interest are involved in this portion of the narrative, which deserve attention.

Marcia rated it it was amazing Apr 16, She diarj speaks of ” hymns ” and ” antiphons ” being used. All the priests, and after them diady bishop, preach, always taking for their subject that part of the Gospel where Joseph and Mary brought the Lord into the Temple on the fortieth day, and Symeon and Anna the pro- phetess, the daughter of Phanuel, saw Him, treating of the words which they spake when they saw the Lord, and of that offering which His parents made.

He goes into minute details over her usages, and the upshot of his examination is that she was not unlearned, but was familiar with the Scriptures, to the language of which 1 We may compare the bishop of Edessa’s remark p. And the bishop reads through the whole of that discourse, and when he has read it, prayer is made, the catechumens and the faithful are blessed, the dismissal is made, and every one returns from the mount to his house, it being already very late at night.

Pigrimage prolongation of the season is not men- tioned elsewhere.

But when day breaks they begin to say the Matin hymns. Then they who knew the place the priests and holy monks said to us: