ELYSIAN DROP TROOP ARMY LIST – v (Last Rev). By Jim ‘Honda’ Kontilis with invaluable assistance from Shmitty, Ginger, Moscovian, John. Luckily I have brought some Elysian drop troops as they first come out, and Here is my list as I’ve tried to set up a quick and mobile force with air support and without artillery. . I love the vulture and want one for my armies. Last year I took pts of Elysians to the Rock using an army list from the old and somewhat 3x Elysian Drop Sentinels: 3x multimeltas.

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The plan was as bold as dauntless: I have a large collection I amassed over the years, only just started to paint some of them over the last year and then that announcement hit. The Wraithguards position themselves for an upcoming assault while the Spiritseer breaks off and head towards the landing pad!

However, since I can only fit two flyers in my travelling case I have chosen to not bring a single valkyrie. This is a single CAD tournament after all. Do you remember, how much rage does induct Necron ability to take flyers as dedicated transport? I’d split the Vendettas into two separate Fast Attack slots to get more from them one should be enough for most things but apart from that I can’t see any changes that would make much different. Skirmishing with Eldar corsairs was a daily admy for the troopers of the st, which is why the commanders made sure to keep response units in the air at all times — consuming fuel on a rate higher than normally accepted by the Adeptus Administratum.

Next time my Ghostwarriors will return in larger numbers and claim victory. NRV was a blast! Fredrik starts his second turn by chasing after the Wave Serpent qrmy prepares to unleash a second volley of anti-tank fire! According to the rulebook your units need to share elyaian least one of the faction keywords to be in the same detachment — this may vary between different organizers and tournaments dro; course!

  LEY 25028 PDF

I need help improving my Elysian drop troops list.

Elysian Droptroops in 8th edition – theory and practice pt.3

M atched Play — Command Squads. Somewhere in between the fluffy way. If the unit appears in Codex: Forum Tools Forum Tools Search. Even though the Imperial Armor vol. I won the roll off to set up a single objective first and placed it on the Skyshield landing pad. But than again, you probably want friends, right?

Maybe a Flamer or two or a heavy weapon or just bare and try to keep them concealed. How was No Retreat V? Thanks for sharing your thoughts on 8th Edition and pictures of your beautiful models.

First of all the Elysian list is old. Warhammer Tactics 7E Imperial Guard. troopps

Elysian Droptroops in 8th edition – theory and practice pt.3

And you have flyers in both FA and HS slots. Squads can be mix and match but no more homing beacons It is the one elysiwn adaptable to change, that survives. Ads by Project Wonderful! Posted 01 October – These are of course just my idea of Elysian play-style The Xeno witchmaster commanding his spirit warrior warband of corsairs.

The Xenos incursion was swift and resolute in this system. In higher point games I think there will be lost of a choice between orders for different situations. Tauros assault buggies and Drop sentinels are way more useful now since they dropped in price and got a boost to their weaponry. So anything you have to keep on the ground should stay in cover.


It might be worth taking a general discussion of using the Guard codex to mimic an Elysian force to the main Guard section where you can gather more information and ideas. I have a 2, pt, player, tournament coming up. Last out is a unit of Tauros vehicles. Maybe roll the third infantry squad into this? Hungry for revenge Simon moves up his Wraithlord to clear off the pesky guardsmen who are taking pot shots at it with their lasguns.

A great move by Simon.

I have talked about this in previous posts, and to make things clear the army struggles in several aspects no matter how you make ekysian list. Check this showcase out: Yeah, I know that feeling! The Officer of the Fleet is ok but unreliable due to his LD7 i dont have many complaints with the AM dex but this is one of them.

The webbing was painted in the same khaki colors as the rest of my army to represent the fact that the officer was handed basic field gear from the company Quarter Master prior to deployment.

A stern warrior cleric clad in ancient terminator armor, decorated with the sacred insignias of the Inquisition, stood in silence as the staff team overlooked holographic maps and elysina patterns. This topic has been archived. Four units are deployed in tactical reserves to utilize the Elysian Aerial drop deployment.

Looks like flyers are still good this edition so I can keep going for my initial goal: