Provides information to enable POS operators to use the TM-. L90 safely and correctly. TM-L90 Service Manual. Describes maintenance, inspection and repair . EPSON has been taking industryinitiatives with its own POS printer . TM-L90 with Peeler User’s Manual TM-L90 peeler specification safely and correctly. Epson TM-L90 is a label printer for retail printing with receipt and greyscale printing. It also has greyscale for multi-tone printing.

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Vertical installation Horizontal installation 5. Peel off the mini-clamp. Do not touch it with your hands when mounting or replacing roll paper, because you can be injured.

Paper Supply Unit The label guide is attached to the label holder and interlocks with the cover unit. Check manuxl part shown below to see if the autocutter is set to full cut or partial cut. Confidential Test Points Test points on the main circuit board After a main circuit board unit failure, one basic method for diagnosing the cause of the problem on the main circuit board unit is to check the power supply line.

Page of Go. Release the two tabs on the label paper guide from the manuql paper cover unit. For the disassembly procedure of the thermal print head, see page Tear off the paper as shown. Closing the cover unit while the movable blade is in the standby position makes the fixed blade manial the frame portion of the autocutter unit, and is set to the correct position against the movable blade.


If you cannot determine the cause of the problem after checking the first item, proceed to the next number.


Page 55 Confidential Paper Feed Motor 1. Peel off spacer B. Lever shaft Lever button 2. BM detector holder When you assemble the BM detector holder, make sure the shield plate fits into place as shown below.

Altogether, the TM-L90 label printer is one of the most efficient label printers available: When installing, route the dpson lead wire as shown below, and then fix with the insulating tape.

Be sure not to cut the surrounding parts.

We respect your privacy. Paper Specifications Paper type: Use the following table to check the power supply line.

Page 16 If you use the cover operation label included in the package, attach it in one of the following locations: Remove the roll paper cover unit. Page 8 Confidential Autocutter Unit Page 65 Confidential Install using the following steps: Shut down your equipment immediately if it produces smoke, a strange odor, or unusual noise.

Be sure to set this equipment on a firm, stable, flat surface. Page 33 Confidential Main Case Assembly 1.

Do not place the printer in an unstable mannual such as on an unsteady base or on a slanted surface. Slide the label paper spacer to the kanual width.

Do not damage the thermal head by touching it with your fingers or any hard object. Epson recommends cleaning the thermal head periodically generally every 6 months to maintain receipt print quality. What’s in the box. When connecting or disconnecting the power supply from the printer, make sure the power supply is not plugged into an electrical outlet.


High quality labels Its greyscale capabilities allow highly customised layouts, and logos and promotional messages can be added with ease.

Epson TM-L90 User Manual

FEED button Feeds the roll paper. Confidential TM-L90 Service Manual The table below lists the main elements of the main circuit board unit and their functions. The guide rollers that receive the paper roll ease the load that occurs during paper feed, improve the paper-feed pitch accuracy, and ease the maximum load applied to the paper feed motor. Center frame Cover detector assembly Frame L assembly The tightening torque for the nut should be between The steps below show the setting of the cutting method.


When mounting or replacing the paper roll, be careful not to touch the manual cutter, because it is sharp and can injure you. Confidential Test Points on the Printer Mechanism Before you replace the main circuit board to see if the printer is repaired, you need to check the printer mechanism.

Specified thermal roll paper The following paper epaon be used: Remove two S2 screws. Remove one S4 screw 2. Linux Mac OS 7.

Epson TM-L90 series Service Manual

Page 57 Confidential 3. Page 71 Confidential 8. Continued use may lead to fire or electric shock. Remove one S1 screw; then, remove the shield plate.