License Eucon Protocol to Third Party Manufacturers Allow other companies full access to the Eucon code base so they can develop next. It’s funny how people are asking SSL, Neve etc to integrate Eucon into their consoles without thinking that the reason AVID bought Euphonix. Everywhere this protocol is brought up, it’s highly praised. I don’t believe that Eucon is that much of a closed protocol anymore since Avid’s.

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The second edition of the product has just been released at NAMM and Softube announced that the the Console 1 mkII will boast even more power than the first edition for less money as now, people will also be able to load UAD plug-ins into console 1. The MIDI-Bus is simply eucom slow and the acces methods for querying and setting parameters are too limited. If you have an Android tablet lying around or and Android phone you can get the app and try it yourself — the only scenario in orotocol I found it useful is when tracking or if you are handing the tablet to the artist who is recording so they can mix the headphone cue they are receiving themselves.

EUCON protocolpretty please 🙂 – Cockos Incorporated Forums

You can get used to it right? Was a shock to find out it was not included.


I run pgotocol PI driver with excellent result The build quality is low but at that price you may be able to afford two All times are GMT Ok I just check again This one simple feature kills a lot of controller possibilities. Note that not all plug-ins are mapped automatically. Euphonix has the “EuCon” protocol, which is a high-speed Ethernet control protocol: I don’t think so They come in prootcol shapes and sizes and there are plenty manufacturers out there making DAW controllers that either have lots of pads or a console-like look, with faders and rotary encoders.

So, is there a better way?

It has been left in the software for legacy purposes. I am of the impression aviod would not want such a venture.

New EuCon Software For Euphonix MC Pro & System 5-MC DAW Controllers – ProSoundWeb

As long as it is a great mixing tool, is it that important that it is identical to the original? As mentioned many protocok support their hardware I am wondering the possibilities of a couple things with it, 1. Hope that helps – any suggestions for improvement welcome!

These look slick, but kinda pricey for the functionality they offer well, not really sure – that touchscreen looks like it could get pretty deep.

This is the only protocol that is fully implemented in Pro Tools. As the eucon protocol is tcp-ip based, it should be possible to access the transferred information. Eycon my opinion, as far as control surfaces go, this is the single most useful controller on the market.


Future Sonar Support for EuCon Protocol?

You might try to contact him. I’d guess it’s highly unlikely that EUCON lacks some form of encryption, however – making this a non-trivial effort. However for most users out there, users like me, to spend thousands on a control surface that is so complex to use seems quite counterproductive.

May 10 One product that eudon to fall exactly into that category is The Console 1 from Softube. Hey If it’s to drive audio fader with servo the MCU protocol is fine. View More Photo Galleries. I would really appreciate some Eucon control here. March 20, I wrote a max patch that used midi messages to communicate with Pro Tools mainly just to automate mutes and such. I would love for DP to be able to see one of these surfaces as a Eucon surface with the Eucon interactiveness.

Bumpage, I wanna know too. Geoff Waddington I think. Buy Max 8 Now. Obviously obtainign some sort of licensing to do it would econ critical but would they even play ball 3. Jan 03 8: So nickname it something different. Send a private message to norbury brook. Learn about our user conference Expo ’74 Coming in April