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The new Fiend Folio book has an emphasis on, logically enough The Fiend Folio offers three new prestige classes D&D – Deities and Way back in TSR blew the minds of an entire generation of gamers with the crusty British oddities of the original Fiend Folio. We’ve said. INTRODUCTION FIENDISH FUN Sample fiends for use with Fiend Folio CREDITS Design: Editing: Interior Illustrations: Typesetting: Web Production: Web.

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As a free action, Belshazar can create an aura of fear in a foot radius. In addition, Belshazar can gain a great deal of information by eavesdropping in object form.

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The Fiend Folio offers three new prestige classes designed especially fieend fiends—the fiend of blasphemy, the fiend of corruption, and the fiend of possession. You won’t regret it.

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Most relevant reviews See all 7 reviews. Beholder Drow dark elf Githyanki Folip mind flayer Lich. The remainder is filled with a hodge-podge of beasts that as a DM I would hardly consider interesting or unique enough to add to a campaign. There are a few gems, like the sarkrith and the kaorti – new species that you can build a campaign around. Agellus has carefully nurtured the legend of Jovar feind ensured that he received the credit or blame for the most vicious pirate attacks in all the seas.

Delorath can use suggestion caster level 6th; save DC 21 three times per day.


Jason Fiemd Willis rated it liked it Aug 31, If she succeeds, she will have access to all the financing her cult needs, as well as subtle leverage within the guild structure. The bulk of the material in the first edition came from the British gaming magazine White Dwarfrather than being authored by Gary Gygaxthe game’s co-creator.

At will, he can generate an effect identical to that of a locate creature spell to sense the location of any creature that has sworn a blood oath with him.

Any creature that comes within 30 feet of Shaanyra must make a successful Will save DC 24 or be intoxicated by her pernicious aura. Harming the object does not harm Belshazar, although if the object is destroyed, he is forced back into his ethereal form. The affected creature must make a Fortitude save DC 19 or die. Several entries introduces new materials, equipment, and items. To ask other readers questions about Fiend Folioplease sign up.

Magic items and attended items receive Will saving throws DC When she uses this ability, the target cultist suffers excruciating pain.

A successful check allows Belshazar to avoid virtually anything that would betray his presence in the possessed creature or object. A protection from evil spell or similar magic wards a creature against being possessed in this manner.

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D&d Fiend Folio Roleplaying D20 Dungeons Dragons Book

Though Agellus travels with his ships occasionally, he never reveals his presence except to the captains and other trusted members of the crew. Thanks for telling us about the problem. At will—animate dead, charm monster, desecrate, invisibility dolio onlymagic circle against good self onlymajor image, polymorph self, produce flame, see invisibility, suggestion, unholy blight.

Another oddity to me is that there’s quite a few aberrations and plants and magical beasts that cannot speak, yet understand languages, despite having a description that are at odds with how or why it could understand languages.

Jan 02, Abraham Ray rated it it was amazing Shelves: For crying out loud, they made 5 Monster Manuals in the 3 – 3. Learn More – opens in a new window or tab Any international shipping and import charges are paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc.

The creature can pass through a magic circle against evil, enter a temple warded by forbiddance, or escape detection via detect evil. This is not a gaze attack, and the target need fkend meet her eye. Along with three new fiendish prestige classes, six new templates, and rules for swarms, grafts, and symbionts, the Fiend Folio fienc a multitude of challenges for every hero.

Learn more – opens in new window or tab. He also liked the slaad and elemental princes of evil, but felt they should both have counterparts of other alignments.