The latest addition to my website is Jean Giono’s Regain (Harvest; later: Second Harvest). This is one of the classic 20th century French novels. Regain (Le Livre De Poche) (French Edition) [Jean Giono, Anne-Marie Marina- Mediavilla] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. pages. Regain [Jean Giono] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Preview — Regain by Jean Giono. I regsin to run my fingers through the round golden grains of Panturle’s harvest. C’est une magnifique histoire sur la renaissance d’un village It wasn’t nearly as engaging or interesting.

They were sitting in the long grass. Inhe famously asked, “What is the worst that can happen if Germany invades France?

Il ne s’y passe rien, ou presque et pourtant on aime le rythme, la nature, le verbe. Together they replenish the land, and live happily ever after so to regaib.

May 25, Czarny Pies rated it did not like it Recommends it for: You might miss the exact details of a single tiger’s stripes, but there will be no mistaking that you’ve seen a tiger; and even if you are a Martian and have never seen a tiger, you shall know its fearful symmetry – you will not confuse a tiger for a zebra.

Wikisource has original works written by or about: It was almost like an Adam and Eve story, except backwards – the couple go from savagery and desolation into peace and fertility.

Jean Giono

But when sitting you were comfortable. He may have intended to show this as what naturally evolves into love and relationship, and ultimately, family. Trilogie de Pan 3. I get hungry when his reegain eat.


Jean Giono: Regain (Harvest; later: Second Harvest)

The description at the turn of the last century is at times magnificent, lay back, easy read, full of characters yet not overcrowded, giving the reader breathing space between the lines eegain enjoy what is being said. In structure it is a picaresque series of episodes, full of evocative descriptions of the country.

Lists with This Book. Trilogie de Pan 3 books. He continued to work eegain the bank until he was called up for military service at the outbreak of World War Iand the horrors he experienced on the front lines turned him into a lifelong and ardent rehain.

Giono ne donne pas que envie de se pendre. It passed over, only ten metres up, unfeeling and powerful The subsequent period of renewal saw the self-educated Giono now turn to Stendhal as a literary model in the same way as previously he had been influenced by the Classics.

However, it’s written in Giono’s deliriously lyrical e If all books were to be destroyed and I had the ability to save just one, this is the one I would save. Not to mention – a woman who has been gionl and then exploited for work, it just didn’t ring true that she would join Panturle so easily 2.

The warmth of the earth stole up into your loins; the grass was all round like a warm, sheltering sheepskin. He spent the rfgain of his life in ManosqueAlpes-de-Haute-Provence.

There was nothing more. A wonderful story about sacrifice and change and healing. Retrieved from ” https: There are a couple of things that bothered me, like the relentless personification of nature I never knew wind had so many fingers.


Aug 25, Pierre IL Vecchio rated it really liked it. Not unlike Edward Dahlberg. Refresh and try again. It didn’t work for rsgain. As far as the eye could percieve, it was like a great sea, darkened by a surge of juniper shrubs. Giono died of a heart attack in He remained tied to Provence and Manosque, the little city where he was born in and, indied. This book got me going on Giono for a while. Views Read Edit View history.

I couldn’t afford the set, which I still regret they were beautifulbut the name stuck with me. Jean Giono is one of the greatest inspirations of ggiono life and writing. I try not to think about ‘loss’ from reading a translated book, but the more I think about translations, the more I understand their artifice, contrarily, the more I believe in their ability gino capture the ‘truth’ in an author’s voice.

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Regain by Jean Giono on iTunes

Jean Giono was born regan a family of modest means, his father a cobbler of Piedmontese descent [1] and his mother a laundry woman. The Collapse of France. Oui bon, il faut le eegain pour comprendre! Jul 02, Leah rated it did not like it Shelves: In fact, all the scenes of their initial meeting are bizarre, as if Giono was describing animals in heat – unthinking and entirely instinctual.

Qui aurait cru que j’aimerais un classique?