PDF | Girish Karnad’s Tughlaq is a representation of one of the most important but nevertheless neglected periods of Indian history, the reign of. Tughlaq: Girish Karnad: Karnad’s next play, Tughlaq (), tells the story of the 14th-century sultan Muḥammad ibn Tughluq and remains among the best. Tughlaq written by Girish Karnad in , is his best loved play, about an idealist 14th-century Sultan of Delhi, Muhammad bin Tughluq, and allegory on the.

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The wise man’s mistakes Tughlaq is short, funny, analogous, based on facts and a page turner.

What Girish Karnad’s play Tughlaq says about India’s politicians

Anyway the play is total fun, if you are a history buff or a scholar tormented to read it as part of curriculum or none of it. Firstly, the play is clever and enjoyable. Just a Muslim dhobi who pretends to be a brahmin in order to use equality between Hindus and Muslims as an excuse for the emperor to prove himself and gurish gain favour for himself.

No one in their rig A supremely well-written play, ‘Tughlaq’ is one piece of Indian writing that you don’t want to miss! The play depicts him as a man of ideals having a grand vision but his reign was an abject failure.

Tughlaq climbs these stairs to issue his orders; his minions positioned at various levels on the staircase fight it out for his attention. So, was Muhummad bin Tughlaq mad or brilliant? A lot like Julius Caesar.

Jul 24, Ankur Vohra rated it really liked it. He used great logic to spot his enemies but same logic failed and instead rewarded his enemies. The significance of which could be better understood by gazing backwards tugghlaq the successful resistance Khilji offered against Mongolsfar before the Lodhis and Mughalskeeping India immune to foreign invasion, for once in its long history.


Jun 16, George Thomas rated it really liked it. I think I’ll need to read this book several times before I can uncover the various layers of meaning the play has. The sultan on the other hand, I can’t picture his facial expressions at all for a fact.

Tughlaq (play) – Wikipedia

Want to Read saving…. Tughlaq killed many of his confidant on slightest suspicion but gave clemency to all rebels and enemies. The play depicts him as a man of ide Tughlaq is a thirteen scene play written by actor-playwright Girish Karnad about the turbulent rule of Muhammad bin Tughlaq, who ruled from to Tugnlaq tried to introduce policies that seemed today to be farsighted to the point of genius, but which earned him the nick name “Mohammed the mad” then.

But well, because tuglaq is more cunning than julius caesar, he doesn’t get killed by that plan. A nation born from Gandhian principles was still hopelessly locked in sectarian violence and communal hatred, the very elements that Karnad’s Tulghlawq desires to overcome in the drama.

But seems like, Muhammad Bin Tughlaq was a great thinker and a very poor ruler, and this particular fact is what the playwright has focused on. Read it in a rather offhand way. kaarnad

Shouldnt have rated this book but couldnt resist it. The ability to strive to put forth a vision of what can be amidst a setting that is hopelessly immersed in a reality of what is. Academic Skip to main content. His part is pretty ironic as he uses religion to becoming involved in politics and tries to justify it to be annihilator of politics and save Islam.


Tughlaq, Second Edition – Girish Karnad – Oxford University Press

Aziz, even though is a disgusting person, becomes a very intriguing character. Muhammad Bin Tughlaq, who ruled from Delhi in the fourteenth century, was a man of many dimensions. He displays emotions of need, want, greed and a certain degree of madness which is a mirror image of the sultan himself.

However, God, tuglaq is so manipulative.

He gets into coin counterfeiting, orders the killing of the current Khalif in order to disguise himself as the Khalif and gain the emperors favour. The first thought that crossed my mind while reading this play was: His rule that began with ideals of a unified India soon degenerated into anarchy.

Muhammad bin Tughlaq is a complex character and I think many young adults who are full of idealism should be able to identify with him. Like shihab ud din was a trusted man of tuglaq but he gets involved with the rebels planning to murder tuglaq at prayer time. We performed it in Hindi at my school and it was a hit.

Tughlaq touches contemporary issues in multiple ways including its take on secularism and socialism. The theme of political aspiration being limited by temporal reality is a significant one in both the drama and the historical condition in which it is written. He is an underestimated character whose importance in the story builds up with time.