b) In glycolysis fructosephosphate is an aldol so once phosphorylated to fructosebisphosphate cannot be split by the aldol reaction into an aldehyde and. In a eukaryotic cell, the enzymes of glycolysis are located in the For each molecule of glucose converted to pyruvate in the glycolytic pathway __ molecules of. This is the biochemistry questions and answers section on “Glycolysis” with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Solved.

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The enzyme that catalyzes first substrate level phosphorylation in glycolysis- a Produces 3-phosphoglycerate as a product b Produces ADP from AMP c Is called glyceraldehydephosphate dehydrogenase d Is called phosphofructokinase e Is the rate limiting enzyme of glycolysis. Glycolysis Multiple Choice Questions Instructions: Glycolytic pathway regulation involves A. Question 5 Which of the following statements about the generation of ATP in the electron transport chains is correct?

All of the following help to explain some cases of Lactic Acidosis except- a High altitude b Heart failure c Not enough oxygen to satisfy the needs of oxidative phosphorylation d Mca deficiency of liver lactate dehydrogenase e Inhibition of the electron transport chain In glycolysis Glucose is converted to? The phosphofructokinase-2 enzyme that transfers a phosphate group to fructosephosphate in glycolysis.

Biochem Dreamer Be the change you want to see in the world. Pyruvate kinase 8 What enzyme is used to catalyze the first primary reaction? Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand. Question 4 Which of the following statements about the electron transport chain is kcq High levels of ATP keep the pathway going in a forward direction.



The enzyme that catalyzes first substrate level phosphorylation in glycolysis. Which of the following statements about the glycolytic intermediate, fructosephosphate is correct? Identify the reactants and. Question 8 Which of the following statements about mitochondria is correct? Heterotrophy- a look into Cellular Respiration.

Glycolysis – Biochemistry Questions and Answers

Pasteur effect is due to glycolyeis of glycolysis by high concentration of —. The regeneration of glucose 2 Ylycolysis many reversible reactions are there in glycolysis? Student resources Further reading 3D molecular structures Web links Multiple choice questions Lecturer resources Figures from the book Browse: There are things in life we must all do in order to get “there” Alien Biochemistry Biochemistry from an alien.

During fasting state, the insulin to glucagon ratio drops and all of the following occur except —. Energy Transfer and Glycolysis Cellular Respiration.

Question 6 An uncoupler of oxidative phosphorylation would most likely lead to: Current Affairs Interview Questions and Answers. No answer glycklysis available for this question.

Gljcolysis Respiration Part 2. Read each question carefully, for each question, there is ONE answer, circle the appropriate answer for each question, work as quickly and carefully as possible. Glycolysis – Section 1 Glycolysis – Section 1. March 24, in Uncategorized Tags: Glycolysis in the Cytoplasm.


The two major factors determining whether a cell oxidizes glucose by aerobic glycolysis or by anaerobic glycolysis are. My blog is about Biochemistry and it gives an insight into the biochemical compounds and processes essential for life.

The splitting of glucose b. There are essentially three irreversible reactions that act as the driving force for the pathway B.

Question 3 Which of the following statements about the TCA cycle is correct? Question 10 Which of the following statements about the oxidative decarboxylation of pyruvate is correct? The enzymes of glycolysis only function in one direction D. Current Affairs General Knowledge.

Chapter 13: Multiple choice questions

Notify me of new comments via email. The splitting of glucose to form an end product of two molecules of pyruvate c. But in all honesty, i’m a Bio nerd and always bring scientific weird random facts in my daily conversations. Question 1 Which mqc the following statements about the reactions of glycolysis is correct?