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I think this is the most perfect circuit. The output would remain high till the time between pulses exceeded the RC time set and the output would go low.

Is there any counters exist that has no past tracking feature. These arrangements normally working fine. Boncuk, if i have not understand wrongly, the 4 doides connected from 2nd to jcf4017be out puts are not important, since as he said if the ring discontinues in between, then on of the input would be high and you will never get darasheet reset output. An 8 pin PIC chip and 6 components is all you need. You would need to calculate the time approximately between rings Pulses on ring signal and set things up as a retriggerable one shot.

HCFBE Decade Counter with 10 Decoded Outputs | MZT Techno

Let us assume he disconnect his phone on 2nd ring. Yes, the in the design is set to count to N and recycle so it waits till it gets to N regardless of where the pulses datwsheet is from.


The B is an integrated circuit hcfbe datasheet has been designed to count pulses. Click here to register now. This ensures that they cannot be accidentally pulled off the circuit easily.

The power eatasheet range of 3 volts to 16 volts and Maximum power supply voltage at pin 1 must not much than 18 volts.

Your circuit is quite useless. The monostable is initiated by the first positive clock edge at pin 14 CLK. In most datassheet this is a good feature. Add a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Upon this condition when he tries to redial and want to turn on relay on 5 rings, relay will turn on before 5 rings that is on 3rd ring.

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Rich Man May 14, Reply. This occurs because of the property of by which it keeps track of all past before power up also activities. What pin is it connected to?

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. They are versatile and relatively simple to put together. So Quasi length 0.

  BS EN 50174 PDF

HCF4017BE Decade Counter with 10 Decoded Outputs

Decoding and control hcfbe datasheet by 16 inverters and 15 gates. That is before completing 5 rings he deliberately cut his phone. It has 16 pins and looks like any other 16 pin integrated circuit. The IC counts with 5 D-type flip-flops. The pulse datasheef the timer can be used hcfbe datasheet activate the B circuit.

A much better and simpler design is to have two timing circuits that detect ringing for say 10 seconds but not longer than 20 seconds. Thus the counter starts in a fresh mood to count exact no.

Thread starter vinodquilon Start date Feb 25, The output would be low and on rings go high.


The result energises a relay for 60 seconds. Pin 16 is positive hcfbe datasheet supply and pin 8 is hcfbe datasheet ground. To participate you need to register. Hari Pravin November 6, Reply. The B is most useful when combined with a timer such as a based circuit.