We’ve been referred to as “The Advocate” (16 Personalities) or “The Counselor” ( Truity), and are among the rarest of Myers-Briggs personality. It’s time to take a break from the usual post and do something different. I’ve had quite a few requests to do a post on love and dating for the INFJ. Jan 8, Explore Purdue CCO’s board “Personality Types” on Pinterest. INFJ ; They all all have very hard time understanding me being the Extrovert.

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They tend to not enjoy public displays of affection, and wish to be in the mood, and to choose when the expressions of love take place.

Building Blocks of Personality Type: However, there is a discrepancy with introverts. The descriptions themselves are decent, but I think my dissatisfaction with them comes from how they will most likely rob validity from the MBTI in the opinions of newcomers who are already hearing things like “the MBTI is just a glorified horoscope” and other such condemnations. Not because they are tough to get along with.

Current bf is ISTP and he has just the right balance. Just a short summary of all MBTI personality types. Follow her on Instagram: I hate asking that stuff. Like I said before, I love to make other people happy so if I am around people, I try to lighten the mood and make everyone feel comfortable. ENTP Still, it depends on the individuals. I’m not sure I want to be with extroverts. ENFP- They complement each other, so this is a pretty good one. I never saw him again Bit cruel of me, really.


Majority of assertions felt extremely accurate. SOMBerdudgetChiiyuu and 11 others thanked this post. The time now is MelBel and Falling Foxes thanked this uprdue.

MBTI | ofelectricmisfortune

On personality forums, INFJs are the most likely type to post about their “aura colors” and similar topics. They enjoy seeing movies, going to art pudrue, poetry, plays, novels, and the like, but unlike some who merely wish to be entertained, the INFJ wants to discuss and explore what it meant to them personally. I’ll write only for the ones I’m sure that I’ve met in real life.

Solving the Most Common Mistypes. This means he has more patience with me than other Ts might. One of my ultimate goals is to help other people and make them happy.

I used to wear an empty locket. Same temperament, different applications. I don’t like any wishy-washy anything will suit me stuff.

They wish for sex to be a communion of the souls, a life-long bond between them and their mate.

[INFJ] INFJ and the “ideal” mate – ENTP/ENFP or ENTP/ESTP?

I want to make positive changes to the world around me, and in order to do that, I must start with myself. As far as actual dates are concerned, INFJs enjoy physical activities and social gatherings to a degree, but when it comes to romance, they much prefer sitting one-on-one with their interest in a quiet place where the two of them can share their thoughts and ideas.


This wording gives me the impression of plagiarism from other descriptions because it’s understanding is slightly skewed–like if a person came to that conclusion about INFJ’s independently, they wouldn’t word it like that.

INFP- There are many similarities, yet many differences here, so it may work and it may not. Add Thread to del.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. It’s pretty comprehensive with lots of sections that other type descriptions lack. Serane thanked this post. As long as the T-F differences are little, it’s good. I am very open once I feel safe with someone, and I will always try to express my innermost thoughts and feelings.

CynicallyNaivejayyy and isamanthax thanked this post. But my personal moral values are that I must never do anything that hurts another person.

How To Love An INFJ

Every day I strive to be a better person. They’re fun in purdud doses: Especially in the INFJ section: My boyfriend once shot a stranger down in a queue. She writes for fun, but would love the opportunity to have it as a career.