The SAP BW InfoSource is a concept which used to be mandatory in a 3.x dataflow. It is a view that had to be created between the DataSource and InfoProvider. In the BW Processing Transfer Rules, individual DataSource fields are assigned to the corresponding InfoObject of the InfoSource. Here you. SAP BW Data Flow – Learn SAP BW in simple and easy steps starting from Overview of BI Objects − InfoSource, DataStore objects, InfoCube, InfoObjects, and.

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This allows you to access data in the BI source system directly. You can define the InfoObjects of the InfoSource as keys. SinduBindu com 28 January at The cell icon changes from to. Its really nice and informative.

The transfer structure is used to transfer data to the BW system. You can use different transformation, rule types from the list of available rules and you can create simple to complex transformations.


SAP BW InfoSource | element61

Shruti Ramalingam 15 July at A Transformation should consist of at least one transformation rule. A status message Communication Struct. The DataSource is connected to the target by means of an InfoSource.

Table lists the material per unit sales price and quantity sold. It prepares consolidated data for updating to the data kn.

This is primarily used for SEM applications. An InfoSource combines quantity of information that logically belongs together, summarized into a single unit.

SAP BW InfoSource

Click to activate all transfer rules. You can connect knfosource non-SAP systems like hierarchical databases. Survey Most Productive year for Staffing: Keylabs SAP training 10 February at The required business rules are applied in the subsequent transformation between the InfoSource and the target. Jack Adison 14 May at Riya karakoti 20 July at Appium training in chennai.

The data in an InfoSource is updated to an InfoProvider using a bl. These keys are used to aggregate the data records during the transformation.

In SAP BI, you determine which data source fields are required for decision making and should be transferred. These Virtual providers can be defined as InfoProviders where transactional data is not stored in the object. Since InfoSources are not persistent data stores, they cannot be used as targets of the data transfer process. You can define the virtual provider by copying objects.


SAP BW – Data Flow

If it is valid,click to save it. In contrast to 3. The data can be local or remote. Neha Mahto 15 August at We recommend that you use this type of data flow if your data flow not only contains two different sources, but the data is to be written to multiple identical or almost identical targets. Now we can clearly see that an InfoSource is simply a communication structure.