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ICS, Doc ID, ITOP Title, Drop Tests for Munitions. Original Title. Category, IS / TS. Location. ITOP Drop Tests for Munitions, Final Report on International Test Operations Procedure. ITOP (2), Safety Testing of Field Artillery Ammunition. – ITOP , Drop Test for Munitions. – ITOP , Rough Handling Tests.

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F-3 TOP 15 September Forward comments, recommended changes, or any pertinent data which may be of use in improving this publication to the following address: Therefore, the provisions of this TOP need not be applied to certified containers. Government Printing Office, Washington D. Identify any restrictions of EAT load configurations if flight test results were unsatisfactory.

Item is wheeled or tracked, and is to be towed, hauled, or self-propelled off highway or on highway. These agencies will conduct the test with particular attention paid to those factors highlighted as potential hazards to the aircraft and the test item during the analysis.

Due to low propellant 0 1 Critical 4.


The first article sample shall be rejected if the requirement is not met. Conformance -42-601 When specified see 6. The impact area will be level, constructed of a minimum of 0. The test items shall be allowed to fall freely onto itol armor plate, Partial split 1 2 Major The test ammunition shall be packaged as follows: Unless otherwise specified, component parts shall be homogenous and of a size convenient to be inspected, tested and accepted.


Adrienne Cantler

Following these tests, accomplish operational and functional inspections. Describe the method employed in loading and unloading the item into the aircraft. Determination of item clearances during loading and flight. Following item securement, conduct a second and final JAI.

Strain measurements of stressed members may be taken if required.

The drops shall be made from a quick-release hook attached to an overhead hoist, at ambient temperature conditions. Measurements of any deflections obtained during stackability tests. This test shall be performed simultaneously with the chamber pressure test, 4.

Weight, and gross, curb, and axle loading. Photographs of test item jtop from each aircraft.

If any item of the sample fails to comply with the design verification requirements specified in TABLE II, the sample shall be rejected, and the design shall not be verified. Compliance with the Energetic materials compatibility requirements shall be validated during the design verification test. Record of any difficulties experienced in accessing and departing test item by rigging crew. Projectile breakup 0 1 Major 8.

Photographs of the test item will document the rigging configuration. One major difference between containerships and barge carriers is the amount of cargo that barges or lighters can handle. Each hold on a breakbulk vessel is served by ship’s gear.

The contractor or manufacturer will provide a material analysis illustrating that the ultimate load is not less than 1. Item Inspection and Physical Characteristics. Secure all external and internal equipment, and vents and access doors using tape, nylon cord, or cargo straps if a positive means of securement is not already provided. Stop the test once an unstable condition is experienced. Compatibility is demonstrated when results reflect negligible reactivity.



This procedure is used to detennine the capability of the test item to withstand the shocks normally induced by loading and unloading of equipment in routine service usage, not to simulate handling the logistics shipping environment. Descriptions and photographs or diagrams of loading the test item, -42-601 include any blocking, bracing, or cushioning. The primer shall ignite at 12 inches.

Cartridge length, max Level IV 3. AREngineering for Transportability, 19 August This test shall be performed simultaneously with the function and casualty test. The simulated firing pin shall have a spherical end 4-2-610 of 0.

Sling set type and number of sling legs employed. Following the completion of the flight test, the aircrew returns the load to the test pad.

Weight and overall physical characteristics of rigged item.

For First Article and Conformance testing, only the conditioned cartridges shall be tested after conditioned for not less than 4 hours at hot, cold, and ambient temperatures see 6. Configuration and tie-down diagrams for pallet loads, if applicable.