At the end of the game the number of points you score will depend upon how far Place the figures on the board, on the large stone (the starting space) at the. “Because those are the rules! I prefer Keltis over Lost Cities: The Board Game simply because I think that Keltis is a better looking game. Keltis is a board game designed by Reiner Knizia that won the Spiel des Jahres for best game of the year in In the US, it has been marketed as Lost Cities: The Board Game, though there are some subtle rules differences.

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Keltis has not been released in English. One token is taller, and points it collects are doubled. TBG and want to pick up a copy rulew Keltis. The publishers are obviously going for an Irish “emerald isle” look, and they certainly pulled it off.

You can easily finish a game of Keltis in less than an hour. The game pieces are put on the board on the starting space. Have fun on Monday and if you decide to drink a lot of green beer, make sure you have a designated Leprechaun to get your drunken butt home safely. Byhe had been recognized for 15 games: Each individual path can go up or go down but this order cannot change during the game. The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

Scoring Points are scored in three ways: Drawing a card Once you have played a card, you must draw another one: Where have you hidden your treasure? So I have a strong preference for Keltis over LC: The ultimate goal is the final space, worth 10 points, and allowing further melds in that suit to advance any other pawn. Hi Nick, You can find an English translation of the game on Boardgamegeek. I say this simply because game designs have moved into a different area now, where games like Caylus, Pillars of the Earth, Agricola, and the recent Stone Age, seem to be kelyis happening thing.


There is nothing difficult or boaard here, and it won’t take all night. I have the game but my german is not very good. By the end of the day, I hope to have my very own copy of Keltis. If you time it right, you can make rapid progress up several tracks in a single turn.

Looking for this game? You can find an English translation of the game on Boardgamegeek. Not as different as Kirk and Mirror Universe Kirk, but still different enough to be distinct. Thanks for the time you took writing this. I could have gotten a new one for about the same price ketlis I had ordered one through Amazon.

By creating a different version for release in English, gwme took away all of the possible name recognition from the SdJ. There is also, I think, less luck in Keltis the card game, at least if we talk about 1-game matches.

Keltis – gameguythinks

bame A nicely styled game board is included, and yes, it’s green. If ye play yer cards right, ye will find yer way to great riches. The rules could not be simpler to grasp. Looking closer you see that it’s actually illustrations of standing stones, with a large stone “hub”, and five paths of stones that resemble “spokes”. Keep it up please!

Our games Our dice games. The rest, as they say, is history. Keltis sales are still going strong, and the game deserves kelltis status ke,tis a modern classic. It has the tight, angst filled game play of Lost Cities, now caters for four players, and feels a bit cleaner given there isn’t the mathematics adding up the score at the end of the game. Each suit spans the values of 0 to 10, and there are two of each. The Board Game simply because I think that Keltis is a better looking game.


I remember enjoying it, but I do prefer Keltis. I didn’t know about Keltis until I stumbled across the Spiel des Jahres short list forand there it was. There are cards included in the game – the deck is made up of five suits, each suit matching the icons of the five paths on the game board. Once a card has been played or discarded, the hand is refreshed keltsi eight cards, either keltiis the draw deck or by selecting a card off one of the discard piles.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Knizia told me it felt great to finally win the baord. Dangerous words, but it rarely backfires. The upgrades from the simple 2-player games were not enough to change it in a real appealing multi-player game.

Keltis Card – Rules of the card game

Yet despite his many successes, prior toKnizia had not taken home the Spiel des Jahres itself. The large pawn with double any score, including negatives. The path tiles are placed on the board, and each player takes the pieces of one colour: The latter adds a significant luck factor and restricts choice by forcing the players to build from low to high cards, rather than allow building in either order as Keltis does. Playing only 1 to 3 cards in a color results in negative points for that color.

The strategies that emerge are always entertaining. Circle The Wagons Game overview. Keltis is not exactly full of components. Having played keltie many games over the years, I can’t help mentally drawing the family tree of a new game.