Possibility may have varying degrees (Budai ), such as hypothetical solutions (It can be .. Budai, László. Élő angol nyelvtan. Săndulescu– Lidia Vianu (eds), Gramatica limbii engleze [English Grammar], vol. 4, – Budai, László. Gramatica engleză. Teorie şi exerciţii. Bucureşti: Teora. Chiţoran, D., Panovf, I., Poenaru, I. English Grammar. Exercises. Bucureşti. (curs practic de limba engleză pentru învăţământul la distanţă). Anul II În ceea ce priveşte întrebările în limba engleză, Budai, László, Gramatica engleză.

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What classes of verbs are followed by a Direct Object?


By winter, after a hard fight, they reached Sarmizegethusa. By the sixteenth century tribute had become the heaviest charge on the populace and the princes’ main source of wealth.

Indefinite pronouns marked by [-animate] such as everything, anything, something are resumed in the tag by it. For instance, the sentence The chicken is ready to eat has two readings depending on the function of the word chicken: General questions are formed by means of Subject-Operator inversion. He felt a fool both subject and Predicative are singular.

The same type of semantic-syntactic relation between a vt and gramaticaa vi characterizes a number of pairs of verbs which are closely similar phonologically they differ by one or two sounds. The International Status of the Principalities. New functions — cases are introduced, which receive semantic characterization, so that John is agentive, hammer is instrumental, window is objective.

Pope John XXII sought Basarab’s support for a Dominican mission inand three years later the sources show that he was again involved in the conflicts among the Balkan states, again on the side of the Bulgarians. A compound subject representing only one element, e. His son is of a sound mind.


That the conquered territory flourished culturally laszli economically can be explained only by the adherence of the Dacian population to its new ruler and its assimilation of the conquerors’ su perior civilization. Comparable discoveries have been made elsewhere in Dacia as well. The Cro-Magnons, whose tools and weapons are distributed through out Moldavia, Wallachia, and Transylvania, used tools to produce tools. Such troops were recruited from among the smaller boyars and free peasants, who were eager to serve in exchange for social and economic privileges.

It was not accidental that the first church built by a prince of the Basarab family, the Princely Church of St. I have not been to Americabut to go there is one of my ambitions. They do not understand my problem. We all get upset at times C. Please send me a postcard. The continual circulation of people and goods across the river and back certainly facilitated this. Positive Affirmative sentences are sentences in which the subject is present and generally precedes the verb; the predicate is in the laszlk affirmativeform.

The Habsburgs in Transylvania. In structural grammars, linguistic systems are considered as ensembles formed of elements subordinate to combination laws which characterize the whole ensemble. He stood the case against the wall. The people who were involved were not found. In Basarab’s armies joined in the fighting between Bulgaria and Byzantium. These lessons are difficult. But their reigns were brief: Buy me an ice-cream, please — Buy one for me. At mid-century Vasile Lupu of Moldavia had only 35, soldiers and Matei Basarab of Wallachia 40, while in the early eighteenth century Cantemir, seeking Russian help to reorganize his army, envisioned a modest force of 17, Herding flocks from one region to another, documented as early as the rule of Mircea the Old in Wallachia and involvingsheep by the beginning of the eighteenth century, was of great impor grwmatica in Romanian history.


In the requirement that all outstanding taxes be paid in the newly devalued currency provoked the Bobilna Uprising by Romanian and Hungarian peasants, who were supported by the de clining lesser nobility and the urban poor. The lilacs have bloomed in my garden. But after sev eral more months of fighting the peasants were in turn gfamatica by a coalition of the privileged classesHungarian and Saxon nobles and the Szeklersand lost these rights once more.

Proba bly they preferred not to imitate the state whose hegemony they had just escaped. And you must not say these extravagant things to me O. The royal residence at Sar mizegethusa Regia was destroyed, and on 11 August Roman sources first include Dacia among the imperial provinces.

The Romainians- A History The Romanians- A History

There were few passengers astir C. They usually takes an obligatory subject predicative.

Has any chocolate been left for the others? Almost gramatiica were built on the sites of the old Dacian davae and preserved their names. Its five hundred fourth- and fifth-century graves and a wealth of glass and metal objects, coins, pottery, and fragments of weapons show a mixture of elements: The state’s wealth was increasingly based on the impoverishment of its citizens, on taxation rather than economic development.