The following list contains links to the most used and most famous builds of the Necromancer: Bonemancer Summonmancer Novamancer Hybridmancer. Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. News. Basics. Character Classes. Skills. Items Most Curses do not stack, even when using multiple Necromancers. . The greater the skill of the Necromancer, the greater the magnitude of torment the victim. Diablo II: Lord of Destruction · News · Basics · Character Classes · Skills Amazon Skills | Assassin Skills | Necromancer Skills | Barbarian Skills | Sorceress Skills | Druid Click on one of the tabs below to view the skills of the characters. For a popup window of the skill trees, click on the red + buttons next to the skill tabs.

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Your skels, no matter how many you have skkill useless, thats why skeleton mastery is far more important. You need a strong golem to keep you alive, and some curses for flavor in multi player games, when you can’t kill the poison resistant monsters. If you can’t get a mara’s, any skill ammy works.

This site works best with JavaScript enabled. It is an Optimal Strategy Guide for necroancer summoner necro and will allow for different variations. Max Life Tap and Iron Maiden to level On the other hand, poision and bone necros do not fare as well in the acctuall game as summon necros.

LVL 95 Summon Necro.

Necromancer builds

When in danger use it to escape quickly, or use it to gather your minions all in one spot, or use it to speed up the necormancer. Ok well first of all Now this strategy is for a summon necro, wich is very good at killling diablos many minions but not very good at PKING.


Quickly cast your poison nova poisoning Dureil then run through your Town Portal make sure you have plenty of town portals. When I play the game I click on the single player button and go from there which makes me think it might be classic.

Use a wand and a shield that gives necromancfr plus to all your skills or summon skills, discard or nercomancer the others. Perhaps I can trade this for something better.

So the Necros army has to take hits from melee monsters in order to aid in killing them. Skill Accumulation During Gameplay 6.

Gives your minions maximum durability and damage potential.

Now youre going to max Bone Spirit. DO NOT put ne kills into curses or summons. Lots of stuff added: I recommend Decrepify or Lower Resist. Once they are all raised then raise all the mages. U may have said to yourself “Well psn doesnt kill, only lowers life to one”. If u want to learn how to make a nice necro max these skillz out and u wont be sorry: Biulding the ultoomate necro hey all you necros out there if you want to be altomate nefromancer up.

If skells or mercs are taking too much damage use life tap for a few seconds and then switch back to decreptify. Ill let you work that out. Necroancer res when its capes lowers res so if u duel a unprepared char with 20 res in hell he will lose his life very fast. What are the differences between them and necromancerr the best one to play?

Used to increase golem speed and life. I get enough str mods from other things to pick up and get the enigma on, which buffs my str by another 50 or so. necromance


Diablo II LOD v Summoner Necromancer Optimal Strategy Guide

Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Necros more than any other character, I think, are all about the skills. The result is a well-performing character across all difficulties and levels. Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list.

First a bone necro. Diablo 2 Runewords by Amy – Dec 21, Through the teaching of Rathma and years of research, they understand and hold sacred the delicate balance of ksill and death and protect it with their life. The dead release spiritual energies that haunt the mortal realms.

He’s nice cuz he can heal you. For a necromancer choose to make poison, bone, or summon. I can’t really see much in the way of specific things at this level but would like to know what type of shield to buy for example. Its role is to support his minions, casting curses on their enemies. You have no choice but to get this gear if you want ur nec to b da “ownage nec. When you read strategies, be sure that those people plays solo at least part of the time. About Diablo Wiki Disclaimers Mobile view.

Bone Prison or Bonewall, Naaaaah, Not my choice, but in several situations it can be useful. I will not tell you what to use for armor. As far as curses go